All vaccines are made of known poisons. They are dangerous and even deadly. 

Their side-effects (referred to in their own literature as “adverse events”) can manifest immediately, or hours, days, weeks, months, even years later. Rather than “train” the immune system, they confuse, weaken, and scramble it, causing cancer, leukemia, all of the autoimmune diseases (their hallmark), SIDS, allergies (including deadly anaphylactic food allergies) and much more.  

There is no proof vaccines prevent anything, despite the rigorous propaganda and censorship forced upon us from the beginning.


More people than ever before have been learning the facts about vaccines in recent years, yet there are certain inoculations that are still considered by many to be “essential.” One of those which is deeply ingrained is tetanus toxoid.

Doctors have been pointing out for several decades the dangers of injecting tetanus into the body, but their information was, and still is, suppressed, and instead we were fed industry agitprop disguised as “science.” 

Even IF tetanus shots were effective, which they’re not. – in using the mindset of the vaccine administrators, receiving a tetanus shot AFTER suffering a wound is much too late to “produce protective antibodies.”  So right up front there is a contradiction in their hypothesis.

Tetanus incidence and mortality declined by more than 99 percent PRIOR TO the development of the tetanus toxoid injections in the 1940s. This decline is cited from medical sources in the book Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? by Neil Z. Miller, and many other sources online, such as

The main reason for this is modern hygiene; allowing the wound to stay open and bleed out toxins, and then cleansing it thoroughly. Tetanus is an anaerobic bacterium, meaning it can’t survive in oxygenated environments. 

Dr. Suzanne Humphries explains:

“If you properly treat the wound and air can get to it and no abscess forms and you continue to disinfect, you will not develop tetanus. So, it’s very key to for a wound to heal from inside out. You don’t want a wound to start to seal over on the outside before the inside is healed properly because anything that’s trapped under the skin will fester, there won’t be enough air and this susceptibility can happen.”

According to the Vaccination Information Network, most people associate tetanus with a rusty nail or other deep puncture wound where it is difficult for oxygen to reach… yet “other causes have been observed, including middle-ear infection, tonsillitis, appendicitis, dental infection, abortions and in some cases, there is neither a history of injury, nor a detectable wound.”

From – “In a sanitary society with adequate nutrition, natural immunity to the bacteria gives almost everybody immunity against the bacteria’s ability to grow in a healthy body.”

The vaccine’s “active” ingredient is the poison which is made by the bacteria. Antibodies against poison do not constitute an immunization. 

A very effective treatment which has been used to knock out polio, rabies, and all the other “viral” diseases, plus tetanus, and reverses cancer and heart disease, is intravenous Vitamin C. This information has also been heavily suppressed. In fact, in 2019 the FDA banned intravenous Vitamin C. I’ve heard it can be found however, by searching in the natural health field.

According to Daily Health Post, June 18, 2018 – “The way in which vitamin C fights infection is fairly simple: infections and toxins cause oxidative stress in the body. Vitamin C is attracted to the cells that have lost their electrons due to the oxidation process and easily gives up its own, which then neutralizes the potentially harmful cells.”


A few decades ago, the vaccine industry combined tetanus with diphtheria and/or pertussis components, creating the DPT, then TDaP, DTaP, and DT vaccines.  It’s no longer given as just tetanus toxoid. This creates a triple whammy for “adverse events.” One might ask why they were combined in the first place. The pertussis and diphtheria elements aren’t even alleged by the vaccine makers to have any effect on tetanus.  

My brother contracted ALS after receiving the TDaP vaccine in 2009. He thought he needed that shot, and believed he knew enough to be safe when taking it. In reality, he didn’t need it, he didn’t know all there is to know about it, and as a result he spent the following 2 1/2 years enduring one of the most terrible, debilitating man-made diseases in existence. And then he was gone. 

Shortly after that, I was introduced by an acquaintance to a nurse (now ex-nurse) who was told by hospital administrators to take a TDaP vaccination as a condition of his employment. He took the injection and immediately developed neurological damage. He became disabled, and unable to keep his job.


“… Far from immunizing, tetanus (and other) vaccine injections make the recipients more susceptible to diseases … the New England Journal of Medicine published in 1984 that tetanus booster injections result in the same derangement of T4 and T8 cells as seen in AIDS patients. A ‘mysterious’ new syndrome emerged in the US: thousands of children are developing AIDS symptoms (with deranged T4 and T8 cells) without being HIV positive My well-considered opinion is that it comes from that T (standing for tetanus) in the DPT vaccine.” –   Viera Scheibner, PhD

“In Philadelphia and vicinity there were in the autumn of 1901 no fewer than thirty-six cases of tetanus, or lockjaw, which were admitted to have resulted from vaccination, and nearly all were fatal.”— John Pitcairn (Anti-vaccination League, 1911).

“I had been taught that during the Second World War, no soldiers had suffered from tetanus because they were fully vaccinated. Later, I met doctors who had cared for soldiers during the war, who told me a completely different story. Fully vaccinated soldiers had indeed, got tetanus, but they were told not to report it. In other words, what I was taught and what was true were two different things.” My Brush With Tetanus – Dr. Archie Kalokerinos

“How can the Tetanus vaccine induce immunity, when contracting the disease naturally does not give immunity?”–NVIC (National Vaccine Injury Compensation)

In the Journal of Neurology, 1977, entitled Unusual Neurological Complication following Tetanus Toxoid Administration the author reports the reaction of a 36-year-old female who received tetanus toxoid in her left upper arm following a wound to her finger. Five days later, she noticed a weakness – first of the right, and then of the left and later of both legs. She complained of dizziness, instability, lethargy, chest discomfort, difficulty in swallowing, and inarticulate speech. She staggered when she walked, and she could take only a few steps. Her EEG showed some abnormalities. After a month, she was discharged without neurologic disturbance, but she continued to feel weak and anxious. Examinations during the next 11 months showed continued emotional instability and some paresthesia (numbness and tingling) in the extremities. The medical diagnosis was “a rapidly progressing neuropathy with involvement of cranial nerves, myelopathy, and encephalopathy.”


“If your immunization income is below the national average, offer tetanus boosters for adults who have not received one in the preceding 10 years. Also pick up those who have never had a primary course. You could do this opportunistically during consultations or by recall from the computer. Check on immunization status at new patient checks. With tetanus (as well as typhoid and infectious hepatitis), you can generate income from reimbursement for personally administered vaccine under paragraph 44.5 of the Red Book. “— Financial Pulse

Sue Marston – Author and Vaccine Investigator


Vaccines were invented to profit from the public’s fear of viruses that have never been isolated or proven to exist. The marketing of pandemics are scaremongering tactics that change pharma millionaires into billionaires and embolden politicians to take control of our lives. The side effects from vaccine injections cause people to become life-long patients and invaluable sources of income for doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. For information about vaccines, viruses, vivisection, and more.

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