We are very happy to announce that the long-awaited release of Dr. Will Tuttle’s new book Food for Freedom – Reclaiming Our Health and Rescuing Our World is now available! The book has already hit the #1 best-seller position of vegan books as well as in social philosophy and in theosophy. As Will has so aptly said, “It is the only book to bring together the movement to liberate animals from human exploitation and the movement for human freedom, especially health/medical freedom and political freedom.” We are in complete accordance with Dr. Will’s message about animals and human health. We are privileged to know him as a good friend and colleague.

Here is the link to order his book on Amazon

Signed copies are available on Will’s website at

We anticipate that hundreds of thousands of people around the world will soon be reading Food For Freedom. If that number stretches into the millions this book could change for the better human lives and the lives of animals in a way never seen before. We pray that that happens.

Dr. Will Tuttle – An Extraordinary Man

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