For decades we have been talking about the dangers of vaccines and the fact that they do not protect from disease. Slowly but surely the deaths and injuries from vaccines are speaking for themselves.


It is a startling fact that children now have at least 80 vaccine injections inflicted on them by age 18 compared to 24 injections in 1983.

The rise in vaccine injections can be explained by a tremendous victory for vaccine companies that occurred in 1986. That is when the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed. When vaccine companies complained to Congress that they would go bankrupt because of all the lawsuits they were paying off for the deaths and injuries their products were causing, Congress came to the rescue.

The NCVI Act states –

“4 USC 300aa-22 

 (1) No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after the effective date of this subtitle if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.”

By passing this act, Congress opened up the floodgates to enable vaccine companies to drown the public in vaccine propaganda and inundate the bodies of babies and children with toxic chemicals with no risk of blowback in the form of pesky lawsuits.

The NCVI Act also established a vaccine court – The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) where parents who wish to prove their child was damaged by vaccines must face such egregious roadblocks by the Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Health that most parents give up. Despite the incredible challenges parents must overcome to prove their case, the NVICP has awarded over $4 billion to people damaged by vaccines. This money is paid, not from vaccine companies, but from taxes on vaccines. This massive amount of money paid to vaccine victims gives absolute proof that vaccines cause extensive damage to children. 


The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is a Center for Disease Control (CDC) site where people can report vaccine damage. But because most victims are not aware of this system and most doctors refuse to report vaccine damage for fear of endangering their careers, less than 1% of vaccine damage is reported to VAERS. Nevertheless, over 2,580,000 reports of damage have been reported to VAERS.

Apart from these two programs, tens of thousands of parents have reported vaccine damage inflicted on their children, but doctors and the medical industry ignore their complaints, they push aside the glaring fact of damage awards paid to parents under NVICP, ignore the reports on VAERS, and continue to push for more and more vaccines for children and adults.


The Health Freedom Institute compiled a list of vaccines and their ingredients, focusing on childhood vaccines. Here is a partial list of ingredients with explanations of what some of the ingredients are:

acetone (solvent used in fingernail polish remover)


aluminum hydroxide

aluminum phosphate

ammonium thiocyanate

aminoglycoside (antibiotic)

amphotericin B

benzethonium choloride

bovine albumin (this is a common base for the mix of chemicals in vaccines. It is derived from live, unborn calves, cut from their mothers’ bellies at slaughterhouses, who are laid out on metal tables, have their hearts pierced with needles, and have their blood extracted until they are drained of blood. Over a million calves die this excruciating death every year so their blood serum can become ingredients in vaccines.)


chlortetracycline (antibiotic),

cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (detergent)

deoxycholate (detergent)

dibasic dodecahydrate (laxative)

dipotassium phosphate (used in fertilizers)

disodium phosphate anhydrous (preservative)

DNA (genetic material derived from aborted fetal cells)

formaldehyde (poisonous gas used as preservative)

human serum albumin (protein found in human blood)


kanamycin (antibiotic)

Madin Darby Canine Kidney cell protein (dog cell protein),

hydrolyzed porcine gelatine (from pigs)

MDCK Cell DNA (cell line from dogs)

monosodium glutamate (preservative)

MRC-5 (aborted fetal cells)

neomycin (antibiotic)

octyl phenol ethoxylate (detergent),

polysorbate 80 (emulsifier and detergent which can cross the blood-brain barrier)

potassium aluminum sulfate (combination of potassium, aluminum, and sulfur otherwise used for flame resistance)

potassium dihydrogen phosphate (used in fertilizers)

sodium pyruvate (a chemical compound that can cross the blood-brain barrier)

sorbitol (laxative)

Spodoptera frugiperda cell proteins (from army worm moths)

squalene (oil from liver of sharks)

thimerosal (mercury-based preservative)

urea (urine)

WI-38 (aborted fetal cells)


How can any parent who reads this list of toxins found in vaccines not be horrified and say, “You’re not putting that poison in my child!”

Countless studies have shown that kids whose parents refuse to allow these toxic ingredients to be injected into their children have fewer health problems than kids who have been injected. Vaccinated children can suffer from a long list of possible side effects including fever, Guillain Barr, chronic illness, psychiatric disorders, blood and lymphatic system disorders, jaundice, seizures, apnea, anaphylactic shock, meningitis, coma, and death, to name just a few.

Skyrocketing incidents of childhood cancer alone, providing the medical industry and St. Jude’s with a multitude of cancer patients and billions of dollars in revenue, prove that childhood vaccines cause tragic damage to children.


Education is the key to preventing parents from giving in to the persuasive techniques of pediatricians who make money from pushing vaccines. The CDC site does not make it easy to find the side effects of vaccines, and their Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) that doctors must show to parents before having their children vaccinated, push vaccines and do not contain the full list of side effects. Google, controlled by pharma, relentlessly pushes vaccines and is of little help in finding any facts regarding the ingredients, safety, or side effects of vaccines. Despite years of study and the experiences and testimonies of parents whose children have become autistic after being vaccinated, the pharmaceutical industry denies their claims. The articles found on Google adamantly support the vaccine industry and debunks the stories of parents who are living with autistic children. 

The FDA has a list of vaccine package inserts that show a more complete list of side effects. If more parents merely read the side effects on the package inserts instead of the VIS statements, they would grab their child and run out of their pediatrician’s office and never go back.

There is an old proverb “Forewarned is Forearmed.” Parents would do well to take heed of its message instead of ignoring it and living forever in regret.

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