Fraud – Greed – Torture In the University of Washington Eunice Kennedy Shriver Baby Monkey Lab

Funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the University of Washington Infant Primate Research Lab in Seattle has been conducting fraudulent and barbaric experiments on baby monkeys since 1983. Vivisectors convinced Eunice Shriver that experiments on primates could somehow help human babies when in fact, no experiments done on animals has any relevance to humans. Because of differences in physiology, metabolism, genetics and bio-chemistry, extrapolation between species is scientifically impossible. The real reason behind the funding of the lab is greed; the UW receives millions of dollars a year in grants from the National Institutes of Health for conducting experiments on baby monkeys.

The baby monkeys at the UW suffer psychosis, brain damage, deformity, developmental disability, craniofacial malformations, drug addiction, fetal alcohol disorders, learning disability, suffocation from clamped umbilical cords, induced epilepsy and convulsions, surgical disfigurement of eyes, and invasive spine and brain implants. The vivisectors are provided with video monitoring of the various experiments so they can view at their convenience and pleasure, the babies’ wasting agony, dementia and death.


Poisoning Healthy Primate Mothers and Their Babies

Burbacher poisons pregnant monkeys with toxic levels of methanol and methyl-mercury, and infects infants with SIV even though it is common knowledge that all these experiments are irrelevant to human health. For this fraudulent practice he received $426,567 in grants from the NIH in 2010-2011. He is also a member of the “UW Animal Care and Use Committee” where he provides “oversight” of animal protocol and consistently approves his lab’s violations of the Animal Welfare Act, an ineffective law which allows the vivisectors themselves to decide what is cruel. Not surprisingly, no experiment the UW vivisectors perpetrate is too cruel to be considered a violation.

Surgical Eye Mutilation

Mustari surgically mutilates babies’ eyes so they are misaligned and end up with impaired eye movements. He implants coils on the monkey’s eyeballs, threads wires up the skull and puts metal cylinders into holes drilled into the monkey’s skull. He has been getting
grants for this insane butchery since 1989. From 2009-2011 he received an astonishing $2,340,130!

Maternal Deprivation

UW vivisectors isolate newborns from their mothers to intentionally cause psychological trauma and watch the harm that results. Baby monkeys become desperate to unite with their mothers and emit incessant heart rendering cries as they find themselves terrified and alone in a tiny cage. This is devastating to both infants and mothers, causing psychosis and self-mutilation.

Sackett, associate director of the lab, is the primary psychological tormentor of the babies and their mothers. His mentor is the notorious vivisector Harry Harlow who spent his life perpetrating brutal psychological experiments on animals. Between 1970 and 2000 Sackett bragged that he had “raised” 2000 baby Macaque monkeys without their mothers before killing them. Sackett also injects toxic levels of drugs, vaccines and viruses into infant Macaques, isolated from their mothers, to create deformity and disability in baby monkeys already psychologically damaged. His reward in 2010-2011 for committing these insane, sadistic acts was $155,086.

Reproductive Mutilation

Juul’s specialty is suffocating baby monkeys still in the womb. The babies suffer seizures, brain damage, physical disability and maternal deprivation for four months, after which Juul kills them. It is unknown what she does with the mothers.

From Sandra Juul’s Abstract: “Prior to delivery by hysterotomy (surgical incision of the uterus). The umbilical cords of near term Macaca were clamped four times ranging between 12 and 15 minutes. Animals were flaccid at birth, seizures occurred in 3 of 8 animals. Significant motor and behavioral abnormalities (particularly with 15 minutes of cord clamping), and evidence of gliosis (brain and central nervous system damage) at the time of death. Animals were euthanized at 4 months of age.”

Between 2007-2011 Juul received $3,224.431 in tax-payer grants for perpetrating these unspeakably sadistic experiments.


Through the UW Global Breeding Program, vivisectors supplement their constantly diminishing supply of disabled, diseased, and dead baby monkeys from their breeding facilities in Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Russia, China, Thailand, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mexico. The UW also has a Primate Resource Referral Service which provides vivisectors with an international database of available captive primates through which the UW can market its own global supply of baby monkeys for vivisectors at other labs and universities to torture.

The UW’s Institute of Simulation & Interprofessional Studies already owns the SimNewB Newborn Infant Simulator which was developed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics. If the simulator were fully utilized at the UW, their baby monkey lab would have to shut down because vivisectors could no longer even pretend that their crimes are a necessary evil.

Using the simulator would mean the UW losing millions of dollars a year in grants which would be unacceptable to the UW president and the Board of Regents.


Eunice Shriver founded the baby monkey labs and Maria Shriver and her brothers Mark, Anthony, Bobby and Timothy have a responsibility to demand that the Eunice Kennedy Shriver/NIH labs be shut down. We ask that you contact them and officials at the University of Washington and the NIH who are doing everything in their power to deny the truth about the labs and keep their grisly but very profitable business operational.


UW President – Ana Mari Cauce, 206-543-5010
301 Gerberding Hall, Box 351230
Seattle, WA 98195

UW Board of Regents, 206-543-1633
139 Gerberding Hall, Box 351230
Seattle, WA 98195

UW Alumni Association, 206-543-0540
Box 359508
Seattle, WA 98195

Our petition received 190,101 signatures and was delivered to Francis Collins at the NIH.

Contact: Kindness and Science in Action

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