After 40 years of sending billions of dollars to vivisectors overseas with no oversight whatsoever, it’s time to end this fraudulent, taxpayer, NIH boondoggle. Representatives Dina Titus (D-Nevada – 01) and Troy Nehls (R-Texas-22) have sponsored the Cease Animal Research Grants Overseas (CARGO) Act (HR 4757) in the House of Representatives. We are asking you to contact your own representatives in Congress and ask them to support this important act which would prohibit the NIH from awarding grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, or technical assistance of any kind to any foreign entity for experiments on animals.

Please copy the following paragraph and click on then fill in your name and address to be taken to a site where you can contact your own members of Congress. Then paste the message into the message area. Sharing your own thoughts is even more effective.

Dear (your representative)

I am writing to you today as your constituent to ask you to please support the CARGO ACT – HR 4757. It’s time to stop the fraud, waste, and horrific experiments in overseas vivisection labs funded by the National Institutes of Health who exercise no oversight whatsoever. Experiments on animals cannot be extrapolated to humans and using the excuse that these experiments somehow benefit humans is completely false. Giving our hard-earned tax dollars to allow vivisectors to brutalize animals is unacceptable both at home and abroad. A notorious NIH lab in Colombia which was investigated and shut down by the Colombian government is only one example of the criminal waste perpetrated by NIH-funded vivisectors overseas. Despite being aware of the horrendous plight of the animals in this lab, it took 6 months for the NIH to stop funding the husband-and-wife team of vivisectors who owned the two NIH-funded facilities and only after the Colombian government took action to shut them down. Passing this act will save taxpayers billions of dollars. I want my money to be spent on scientific, clinical research here at home, not on animal torture which has nothing to do with advancing the state of health for human beings.

Thank you for your time and your support of this very important ACT.


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