Why I Will Not Donate to Your Organization

It will not be possible for me to donate to your organization because you experiment on animals. Animal experimentation, also known as vivisection, cannot be extrapolated to human beings because of differences in physiology, metabolism, genetics, biochemistry, diet, and environment. It is pseudo-science, it does not work, and is perpetuated because it is a billion-dollar-a-year industry. For disease organizations like yours, it is an excuse to raise money for supposed “cures” that never come and make money from dangerous, useless drugs. Your executives enrich themselves while animals are being brutalized by the psychopaths who work in your vivisection laboratories. The Animal Welfare Act does not protect animals in vivisection labs. The vivisectors themselves get to decide what is and what isn’t painful. In their opinion, nothing is too painful for the animals to endure. Vivisection must be abolished for the sake of human health and for the sake of the animals who are forced to suffer the torments of hell until they die. People who work for disease organizations and turn a blind eye to the animal experimentation perpetrated by their organization are as guilty of torturing them as the psychopaths who do the grisly work of tormenting them.

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