Take Action on the Dangerous EATS Act


Thank you all for taking action.

The EATS (Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression) Act is one of the most dangerous anti-animal bills ever to be introduced in Congress and is a threat not only to animals in factory farms but to farm workers as well. Representative Steve King of Iowa originally came up with the King Amendment legislation that he introduced in 2014 and 2018 to override state level regulations on agricultural products. It failed to be added to the Farm Bill but now serves as a model for the EATS Act (S.2019). Supporters of the EATS Act want to add this bill to the larger Farm Bill of 2023.

The most adamant supporters of the EATS act are the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). Forty percent of the factory pig farm industry is owned by the Chinese Communist-controlled Smithfield Foods and the Brazilian-owned JBS. These foreign companies are attempting to pass a bill in our U.S. Congress that will nullify laws passed by American citizens in their own states. Not only do these foreign companies intend to push their unspeakably cruel agenda against the animals, but the EATS Act would also weaken further environmental regulations, endanger worker safety, and the protection of human health.

This bill, if passed, would make null and void all state legislation past, present, and future, that offers a modicum of relief to animals in factory farms, puppy mills, and fur farms, including Proposition 12 that voters passed in California in a landslide, and Question 3 in Massachusetts that passed with 80 percent of voters in favor of the bill. Pigs who are forced to live as prisoners in crates only slightly bigger than their bodies, hens confined to battery cages, calves imprisoned in small, dark crates to keep their muscles weak to appeal to the veal-eating public would spend every waking moment in even worse physical, mental, and emotional pain as they are trapped in spaces with no room to move.

Proposition 12, which passed in 2018, dictated that the factory farm industry allows animals to live in spaces where they can stand up and move around freely. The law was challenged by the factory farm industry, and they fought judgements all the way to the Supreme Court where SCOTUS voted unanimously to uphold Prop. 12. Now in this last despicable move they are attempting to accomplish in Congress what they could not accomplish in the courts. They are desperate and they have bought-and-paid for members in Congress who will do their bidding like Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Representative Ashley Hinson (R-IA).

The factory farm industry is incredibly brutal. Every year, billions of animals suffer the torments of hell until they are taken away and slaughtered. We need to do everything in our power to educate the public regarding the plight of animals in factory farms – through open rescue and the courts, through letters, petitions, phone calls, and leafleting, and spreading the vegan message. Until factory farms are a thing of the past, we cannot allow the torturers of these animals to make their lives even more unbearable. We cannot allow the EATS Act to be added to the Farm Bill of 2023.


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After a unanimous verdict by the U.S. Supreme Court, Chinese Communist-controlled Smithfield Farms and Brazilian-owned JB lost their battle to overturn the will of Californian voters regarding Proposition 12. They are now attempting to circumvent state laws and the courts by attaching the EATS Act to the 2023 Farm Bill. The EATS Act (S.2019) would declare all legislation passed by voters in their states like Proposition 12 in California and Question 3 in Massachusetts that outlaws intensive confinement of animals and relieves a modicum of the suffering endured by animals in factory farms, puppy mills, and fur farms. It would also nullify bills, past, present, and future that protect farm workers and the environment. A similar amendment to the Farm Bill was introduced by Representative King of Iowa in 2014 and 2018 but never made it into the final version. Let’s make sure that foreign interests and the other supporters of these anti human/animal/environmental acts and amendments never see the light of day and make it clear that Congress will protect the sovereignty of U.S. voters in their own states. I’m asking you to vote against the EATS Act and show mercy and compassion for the animals trapped in the brutal factory farm industry.

Thank you for all you do for people and animals.

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