The Ugly Truth Behind Disease Organizations

We are living in dark times when fear and ignorance rule the lives and actions of millions of people. The public is unaware of, or chooses to ignore, the CDC’s own vaccine injury reporting site, VAERS, that reported by the end of May 2022, there had been 28,532 deaths from the Covid vaccine, and a total of 1,457,342 deaths and injuries from the Covid vaccine. Those numbers do not take into account that only one percent of all deaths and injuries are reported to VAERS and that the CDC has begun the arbitrary removal of thousands of deaths and injuries from the site. In states like California, Oregon, Washington, and New York where the drug/vaccine/pesticide industry owns most of the democratic politicians that run those states, dangerous bills are being considered, like SB 866 in the California legislature that threatens to take away the rights of parents to make medical decisions for their children. The pharmaceutical industry has been killing people for decades with their products, and despite numerous criminal and civil convictions in court, their executives never spend a day in jail, and continue to be relentless in pushing for more profits, regardless of the deadly impact their products have on children and adults all over the world.

What many people do not realize is that while the pharmaceutical industry is effectively marketing their drugs and vaccines using their powerful PR firms, they also have strong connections to disease “charities.” At the same time pharma is pushing for the right to inflict their Covid jabs on tiny babies, their relentless requests for more money via disease organizations never lessens. TV commercials, printed ads, and mass mailings use pictures of babies and children to induce you to donate to their “charities.” Pharma is partnered with The American Cancer Society, Susan Komen, The Alzheimer’s Association, St. Jude Research Hospital, The Michael Fox Foundation, Stand up to Cancer, and many more. So, before the heartwarming commercials induce you to get out your checkbook and send in a contribution to one of these “worthwhile charities,” read some of the facts below and you’ll probably rethink your decision.


ACS is the mother of all disease organizations. It was founded in 1913 and since then they have tortured millions of animals in their laboratories, supposedly in their search for a cancer cure which they know will never be discovered through vivisection. ACS is one of the richest charities in the world with assets of over $1.3 billion. Their executives enjoy extravagant lifestyles, six figure salaries, and hefty pensions. Board members include executives from pharmaceutical companies like Amgen that manufactures a chemotherapy drug Neupogen. The higher the cancer rates, the more money ACS’s partner Amgen makes. Board members from the mammogram industry on the ACS board insure that ACS will continue to deny that radiation from mammograms causes cancer. ACS’s relationship with Astra Zeneca inspired them to recruit healthy women to take part in a clinical trial where they were given the highly toxic drug tamoxifen that has been proven to cause uterine cancer. ACS receives donations from petrochemical companies, drug companies, industrial waste companies, and other cancer-causing industries. ACS denied for years that smoking causes cancer. They attacked a FRONTLINE report on PBS regarding the dangers of pesticides. They ruthlessly persecute doctors who practice the natural healing of cancer. In the world of ACS only drugs and radiation must be allowed to treat cancer. They deny that there are cures to cancer and continue to beg for more money to find it.


When Nancy Brinker’s sister, Susan Komen, died from breast cancer, Nancy and pharma saw the opportunity for establishing another huge money maker. Pink ribbons and a whole month dedicated to pushing donations for Komen have inspired millions of people to dress up in pink costumes, pay the entry fee, and walk or run for the cause. Komen is worth well over $400 million and since 1982, has been talking about the ever-illusive “cure” that never comes. Their executives travel first class, and receive six figure salaries. While most of their budget is spent on overhead, salaries, advertising, etc. 20 percent of their donations goes to animal experimentation. Even though the physiology of animals is completely different from humans, they claim this research is necessary to find a “cure” to breast cancer, which for over thirty years is still “around the corner.”

One of their partners is DuPont, a chemical company that manufactures the film used in mammography machines, which is one of the reasons why Nancy Brinker strongly advocates for mammograms. Another partner is Chevron, a major polluter and destroyer of the environment. Monsanto/Bayer is one of Komen’s sponsors, even though it is a well-known fact, proven in court, that this company produces, among other toxins, pesticides that cause cancer. Komen owns stock in Astra Zeneca, a polluter and producer of cancer-causing products which is proud to be the founder of Breast Cancer Awareness month. As with ACS, the hypocrisy of Komen is glaring. It is unfathomable why all the walkers and runners who raise money for them are unable to understand that after 30 years of failure to find a “cure,” Komen is never going to give them one.


This organization was founded in 1980 to provide support for families of people with Alzheimer’s and to fund biomedical research, a euphemism for animal experimentation. They have assets of over $250 million and spend a quarter of that on vivisection. Countless studies in the U.S. and Europe have proven that aluminum is one of the main causes of Alzheimer’s. In the 1980s, ads and commercials were everywhere, warning us against using aluminum products – in beauty creams, anti-perspirants, cooking utensils, aluminum foil, and more. Then all the warnings suddenly disappeared. The powerful aluminum industry had let the medical industry know that their ads were hurting their profits and that they needed to stop.

The aluminum industry spends over $400,000 a year lobbying Congress and their wishes are hardly ever denied. Because of the aluminum industry’s pushback, the Alzheimer’s Association chose to ignore the aluminum connection to Alzheimer’s and instead, like all disease organizations, claims to be looking for the “cure.” They are also searching for that laughable, favorite imaginary creature of vivisectors, a human/mouse model. The Alzheimer’s Association vivisectors claim they will “invent” a mouse that’s exactly like a human being, somehow they will inflict it with Alzheimer’s, and then proceed to find a cure by tormenting the mouse. That human/mouse model has yet to see the light of day. Every drug and “breakthrough” the Alzheimer’s Association has announced in the past several decades has been a failure, causing, like all drugs do, a brief respite from symptoms, then an array of dangerous side effects. Premier Alzheimer’s researcher in England, Dr. Christopher Exley, at Keele University, who studied the aluminum/Alzheimer’s connection, also provided a way to cleanse the body from aluminum and heal from the disease. His team was defunded because Bill Gates used his money and influence to shut his research down. Dr. Exley had the temerity to link the aluminum in vaccines to Alzheimer’s.


No one knows how to tug at the heartstrings better than Marlo Thomas at St. Jude. Using celebrities and small children who have been inundated with radiation and drugs, rendering them hairless and hollow eyed, Marlo produces commercials that would have you believe that St. Jude is all about altruism and healing children from cancer. Nothing could be further from the truth. St. Jude was founded by Danny Thomas in 1962 when his entertainment career was slipping, and after his death, fundraising has been taken over by his children. St. Jude has assets of over $5.302 billion and, after St. Jude Medical partnered with Abbott Laboratories, their income in 2018 was $981 million. Richard C. Shadyac, Jr. the CEO of ALSAC, the fundraising arm of St. Jude, received, in 2018, a salary of $893,589. The top executives of ALSAC all receive salaries in the high six figures. Andrew Davidoff, chairman of St. Jude, received $1,365,679 in salary in 2018, and James Downing, president and CEO of St. Jude, received $1,202.948. All the top executives at St. Jude receive salaries in the high six figures, along with first class travel perks, companion travel expenses, and tax indemnifications. St. Jude has been investigated by the Justice Department more than once for illegal kickbacks and had the faulty products they manufacture recalled by the FDA time and time again.

St. Jude claims that the survival rate of children in their care has gone up from 20 percent to 80 percent. Survival rate means that if a child lives five years after treatment at St. Jude then dies, he or she is considered a survivor even though he or she is six feet under. Our efforts to find the actual mortality rate from government sources in D.C. or Tennessee were rebuffed. St. Jude does not want it known what that mortality rate is.

St. Jude is given total authority by parents to experiment on their children. The list of toxic treatments that are inflicted on children at St. Jude’s is heartbreaking. (For a partial list refer to our article about St. Jude’s on our site) Most of the treatments involve chemotherapy and radiation, the two standard toxic therapies perpetrated on adults as well. Is there anyone who hasn’t known a cancer patient who was chemoed and radiated to death and died in terrible pain? Children, with their underdeveloped immune systems, must suffer even more.

And when someone dies from the toxic therapies, we are always told that it was cancer that killed them, not the poisons and radiation they had inflicted on them. Natural healing through detoxification and diet, which actually can cure cancer, is unheard of in the medical/pharmaceutical industry. To admit that natural healing works would put them out of business.

The animal experiments that are perpetrated on animals in the St. Jude/Abbott vivisection laboratories are some of the most brutal in the country. PETA has used every avenue at their disposal to try to end some of the most horrific experiments but have had little success. As with all disease organizations, St. Jude receives donations and taxpayer grants of over $84 million a year to torture animals and they will not easily give up that money.

One of St. Jude’s favorite fundraisers is their annual “Coon Hunt.” People gather to have their dogs chase down racoons, tear them apart limb from limb and then the racoons are skinned on stage in front of a cheering audience. Marlo has been asked year after year by animal activists to end this unspeakably cruel event but her reaction was to say that “Coon Hunt” sounds too racist so they will change the name to “Racoon Festival.” The fun and festivity for these St. Jude sadists will continue unless the public demands an end to it.


This is just a partial list of all the disease organizations involved in vivisection who claim to be looking for “cures.” The vivisectors know better than anyone that experiments on animals cannot be extrapolated to humans, but to them, that is the beauty of it – they can claim until the end of time that they are looking for the “cure,” but sadly it never comes, so just give them more money and you can feel the warm glow of thinking you are “doing something worthwhile.”

We suggest that if you receive an envelope from one of these “charities” that you not merely throw it away, (although that’s better than writing a check) send them a little note explaining why you are refusing to donate. If they say they are doing biomedical research it means they are experimenting on animals.

Thank you for supporting KSA and for all the work you do for people and animals. If you live in California don’t forget to keep calling and emailing your Assembly members to vote NO on SB 866. Ten democrats have promised to do just that. If we keep up the pressure, we can win this.

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