We have written quite a bit about Louis Pasteur and his fraudulent germ/virus theory. His assertion in the mid to late 1800s of the existence of tiny particles (germs) that could not be seen and that they were the cause of human disease was discounted by prominent scientists of his time like Dr. H. Bastian, Dr. W.R Hadwen, Dr. William A. Bruette, and Dr. Antoine Bechamp. Dr. Bechamp and others maintained that illness was caused by a toxic body and that in order to heal the body it must be detoxed of the elements that were making it sick and the immune system strengthened. Every doctor, allopathic or naturopath knows that the immune system is the only thing that heals our bodies. This became known as the terrain theory of disease and has been accepted by leading holistic doctors worldwide.

Pasteur was a chemist, not a doctor, and a fraud when it came to “science” but he knew how to blow his own horn. He was excellent at taking credit for other scientists’ discoveries and knew how to publicize them as his own. His vaccines were deadly but his self-serving propaganda was incredibly successful. Hence the Pasteur Institutes and statues erected to honor him. Most articles you find online glorify this charlatan and speaking out against him and the vaccine religion that he founded is considered blasphemous to all vaccine true believers. The Rockefeller Foundation took advantage of the public’s belief in vaccines and as a result, their drug/vaccine industry rakes in billions of dollars in profit every year. We have reported, as have many other people about the harm drugs and vaccines have caused world wide. Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci goes into detail regarding this damage. The facts in this book are irrefutable but vaccine zealots keep their blinders firmly in place and deny any fact that doesn’t fit in with pharma vaccine propaganda.


It’s not only human beings that have been killed and harmed by Pasteur’s fraudulent germ theory and the resultant vaccines pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. Animals are also suffering and dying because of Pasteur. His disastrous vaccines continue to be the scourge of dogs and cats whose owners feel compelled to vaccinate their pets. The rabies vaccines are especially dangerous. The myth of the existence of the rabies virus, like other viruses that have never been isolated and cannot be proven to exist, is fear-mongering propaganda designed to encourage laws to be passed to force owners to have their dogs injected with harmful substances that can kill them or make them permanent patients of veterinarians – a very useful tool to increase profits.

According to Dr. Millicent Morden, physician and surgeon, who has written extensively regarding rabies vaccines, “Dr. H. Bastian, a contemporary, took sharp issue with Pasteur’s scientific ideas and conclusions…”Dr. Matthew Woods, another contemporary of Pasteur, then a leading member of the Philadelphia Medical Society, wrote much on the subject of rabies. He stated, ‘at the Philadelphia dog pound, where an average of more than 6,000 vagrant dogs are taken annually, and where the catchers and keepers are frequently bitten while handling them, not one case of hydrophobia has occurred during it’s entire history of twenty-five years, in which time 150,000 dogs have been handled…'”

“Dr. Charles W. Dulles, lecturer on the History of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania , circa 1901, who was appointed by the Medical Societies of the state to investigate rabies stated that he is ‘inclined to believe that there is no such specific malady because after sixteen years of investigation he had failed to find a single case on record that can be conclusively proved to have resulted from the bite of a dog or any other cause…I might cite my own experience in the treatment of persons bitten by dogs supposed to be mad, which has furnished not a single case of the developed disease in thirty years. And I have probably seen more cases of so-called hydrophobia than any other medical man.'”

From an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, February 17, 1917 “Remlinger, Stimson, Simon, Hasseltine and Fielder, states that “In a summary of the literature with a report of the personal cases, show the sum total of paralysis following the Pasteur treatment to be 142, with 24 deaths.”

“Dr. Stillman, in 1922, voiced the opinion that rabies was ‘pure humbug’ and that in over forty years as a practicing physician with a very busy practice and wide travels throughout Europe, he states that he had never seen a case of hydrophobia or rabies.”

Dr. Morden reported that Dr. J.W. Hodge, in 1902, whose book we have on our site, stated that “of 56,00 stray dogs and cats collected in one year, not one case of rabies was found…Dr. Hodge has in his possession the names and addresses of more than 500 person reported as having died of ‘hydrophobia’ shortly after having received the Pasteur preventive treatment. This would seem to prove that the cure is more deadly than the disease when one considers that nearly 300 of these victims of the Pasteur treatment had no recollection of ever having been bitten by a dog. Dr. Hodge predicted that ‘future generations will look upon the present day delusion about hydrophobia and the Pasteur treatment with feelings akin to those which we experience when reading the history of witchcraft delusion.'”

Dr. Hodge underestimated the power of fearmongering and the ability of the greed-driven executives of the pharmaceutical industry to keep the lies about rabies alive for decades.


Dr. Harry Ungerer, veterinarian and pharmacist wrote circa 1925, “I never encountered a rabid dog — running fits or convulsions are often called rabies…another victim was a black cocker spaniel. At the suggestion of one of our prominent M.D.s I used a graduated dose of the serum on him and the regular dose on a beagle hound. Both died almost instantaneously with paralysis. I tried this to prove how dangerous this inoculation was.”

Henry Vibert, canine specialist, said circa 1925, “As you know, I come in contact directly and indirectly with probably as many dogs as any man alive. I have handled them by the thousands and I have never seen a case of rabies…The vendors of vicious catch-penny serums have now a very efficient business organization which goes into town after town stirring up rabies scares by so-called scientific talks under the auspices of Boards of Health and then the town board passes an ordinance and seldom is there any real dog lover/owner in the community brave enough to fight.”

Nothing has changed after all these years. Animal lovers believe in the rabies vaccine more than ever.

Here is a quote from Dr. William Brady in the L.A. Times September 6th, 1934, “…I do not believe in anti-rabies virus or any modification of it; I do not believe in vaccination against disease of whose very entity there is so much doubt or uncertainty, frankly I’m afraid to take a shot in the dark in such a grave situation — and when we inject a suspension of the dried spinal cord of an animal dead of nobody knows what, we are shooting in the dark.”

A quote from Dr. William A. Bruette, MDC in an article in House and Garden, May, 1937, “The year following the opening of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, the great French clinical expert, Dr. Michael Peters, declared: ‘The Pasteur Institute is not curing hydrophobia, they are causing it.'” Dr. William Osler of Johns Hopkins and Oxford speaks of hydrophobia as an ailment of exceedingly rare occurrence. “This is really nothing more than a neurotic or hysterical manifestation.”

Quote from The Delson Chemical Company, Inc. Manufacturers of the Delcreo Dog Remedies, circa 1925, “Replying to your communication of the 20th in regard to Bill No. 244 for the compulsory inoculation of dogs against rabies which has been introduced at Albany. We have had the opportunity of making careful observations of inoculations in canine disease and we have been forced to the conclusion that not only are inoculations entirely unreliable but they are also exceedingly dangerous. We are constantly receiving letters from people whose dogs have been ruined through inoculations.”

Quote from Charles Holmwood Proprietor, Woodholm Kennels, Oceanport, New Jersey circa 1925, “I have worked with all kinds of dogs since 1910 and never saw a mad dog…I think the inoculation against rabies is just a money making scheme.”

There were many warnings early on about the rabies vaccines but all were ignored by the public.


Sue Marston, author and vaccine expert, reports that Wikipedia tells us that Pasteur produced the first vaccine for rabies by growing the virus in rabbits, and then weakening it by drying the affected nerve tissue. And yet, The Pasteur Institute says that Pasteur was unable to isolate a virus because microscopes were not powerful enough to find it. So, where did Pasteur get all those ‘rabid’ animals? It’s alleged that he injected them with the ‘virus’ but how could he grow and even manage to manipulate a virus that he couldn’t even find?” The Pasteur Institute also says “Louis Pasteur then attempted to develop a vaccine with attenuated virulence. He suspended sections of spinal cord from rabid rabbits inside flasks to dry in a moisture-free atmosphere. Pasteur injected these spinal cord sections into rabid dogs, followed by preparations of increasing virulence. They did not develop rabies.” To emphasize the disconnect of what is being said here – ‘”…he injected spinal cord sections from ‘rabid rabbits’ into ‘rabid dogs,’ but the dogs didn’t develop rabies.”‘ Is that a typo? Or just more mad double talk?”


Here is a link to an article by the NIH about the development of the rabies vaccine. This is a long, detailed article that you may want to read when you have time. Basically it involves the supposed adding of a rabies virus that no one has isolated or proven to exist to animal or human cells. The development of the rabies vaccine since the days of Pasteur involve hundreds of thousands of animals who have been slaughtered to become ingredients in these vaccines.

According to this article from the NIH, here is a list of just a few of the animals, fetuses, and eggs that have been a part of the development of the rabies vaccines – rabbit spinal cord suspensions, sheep and goat brains, chick and duck brains, neonatal rodent brains, suckling mouse brains, embryonic chicken and duck eggs, hamster kidney cells, pig kidney cells, human diploid cells, macaque monkey cells. The most popular vaccines now, according to this article, are the PCECV which is a combined Flury HEP virus and chick embryo cells or the PDECV which has duck embryo cells.

Does this sound like science to you? Does having these ingredients including unknown toxic chemicals injected into you or your dog sound like a good idea? Vivisectors who develop vaccines are like all vivisectors, they lie. The fact that their lies are harmful and deadly is of no consequence to them. Money talks and compassion walks when it comes to the entire pharmaceutical industry. But boy do they do a great job of bamboozling the public.

An article in Wag! talks about vaccines in dogs. “Your dog’s body has a wonderful defense system to keep it safe from the many things that could make him sick, this is called the immune system. The immune system attacks anything that enters your dog’s system that it feels will cause it harm to the body, sending antibodies to attack the foreign substance. Unfortunately, sometimes, it will attack things that are actually meant to help, such as vaccines.” We beg to differ with that statement – the reason the dog’s immune system attacks vaccines is because vaccines cause harm! But Wag! goes on to describe the harmful effects of the wonderful vaccines they recommend – “If your canine immediately shows symptoms after the injection is given your veterinarian will, in many cases, inject either an antihistamine, corticosteroids, or epinephrine to calm the side effects….Your pet may also require IV fluids and oxygen, and if necessary ventilation and endotracheal intubation may be performed.” Hello?! The dog’s immune system is trying to tell you something – like, this is not good for me! How many times do you think veterinarians all over the world have seen these reactions to vaccines, prescribed these treatments and watched animals die after being vaccinated? Millions of times? Veterinarians know better than anyone the harm caused by vaccines. But unlike decades ago, few veterinarians and doctors who treat humans will speak out against vaccines because the medical/pharmaceutical industry has become so powerful they can destroy their careers and practices. And for many veterinarians, massive amount of profits from vaccines and these dire treatments and the promise of lifelong animal patients is too good to pass up.

As for rabies injections in humans, Gerald L. Geison, author of The Private Science of Louis Pasteur wrote, “Every vaccination for rabies is a human experimentation as there is no guarantee that anyone bitten by a (supposedly) rabid animal would ever manifest symptoms of the disease. In fact, as Pasteur used a neurotropic agent in his vaccine, there could be no guarantee that the paralyzing and neurological effects were not just a cause of the vaccine itself.”


An interesting article regarding vaccines can be found by clicking on this link: In this article Dr. Fudens explains how laws forcing people to vaccinate their animals were passed under colorable law, which means vested interest groups had this law passed. To quote from Dr. Fudens, ” And who are these groups? Primarily they are the veterinarians and the veterinary medical organizations…Last but not least are the drug vaccine companies who make their money by pushing that stuff on to us…veterinarians receive a large percentage of both their gross income and profit from vaccines given in their offices. On average, vaccines that cost a vet a mere $1-$2 per dose cost his client $15-$25…There is tremendous financial gain to veterinarians to have a colorable law passed that requires annual rabies vaccinations.”

While we agree with Dr. Fudens regarding the dangers of the rabies vaccines, how they are profit-driven, and it is up to us to control our own pets, we do not agree with him regarding the existence of the rabies virus. As long as the public believes in these non existent viruses we will be fighting the vaccine battles from now into the unending future. To protect yourself and protect your animals it is imperative that you understand the fraud of Pasteur’s germ theory.

It is ironic that almost all of the large and small animal rescue groups and sanctuaries vaccinate the animals in their care. We wrote to Best Friends several years ago and told them of the dangers of vaccines and specifically the rabies vaccines. Their response was that the law requires it. But in fact, like most of the public, they believe that vaccines protect. People who rescue animals and attempt to get them adopted always proudly say, “He has all his shots!” Only by educating the public and the people who rescue and care for animals can we convince them to fight against the laws passed by the vested interests who are willing to destroy not only human lives with vaccines but animal lives as well.

For everyone who loves their animals and would like to forego the harm caused by vaccines here is a link with advice from our friend Peggy Hall. She understands the fraud of the germ theory and the harm caused by vaccines to humans and animals while most veterinarians, even those who will help you avoid vaccinating your animal, believe in the rabies virus and viruses in general. That is what they learned in medical school and those teachings are difficult to put aside. Our own animals live long and healthy lives without getting the toxic jabs. We hope your animals do the same.

“If my human won’t say no to the rabies vaccine it’s every dog for himself!”

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