Cancer and the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 by ten doctors and five businessmen as The American Society for the Control of Cancer.

John D. Rockefeller, who had the monopoly on petrochemicals, used his money and power to destroy alternative medicine and provided the initial funding for the new group.

John D. Rockefeller’s drug/vaccine-based medicine was well on its way to becoming the norm by 1910 and influenced politicians to pass laws that made recommending natural means of healing cancer or any other disease by a holistic doctor a criminal act.

In 1936 Marjorie Illig and her “Women’s Field Army,” volunteers for ASCC, decided to “wage war on cancer,” and donations poured in.

In 1945 the group was renamed The American Cancer Society and a $4 million fundraising campaign was initiated to form a “research” program that began an endless onslaught of torture in vivisection laboratories by the ACS. Over $5B has been spent on “research” since 1945.

The ACS has net assets of $1.2B, raises $600M to $700M annually and has 350 offices all over the country. They spend over $100M yearly on fundraising.

Karen E. Knudsen – CEO of ACS, earns $914,000 in yearly salary.

Former CEO until 2021 – Gary M. Reedy, earned in one year, $1M, including his base salary of $706,000, according to his latest available tax form 990.

All twelve top executives of ACS earn six figure salaries.

The CDC announced in 2022 that the cancer rate in the U.S. has fallen by a third since 1991, mainly because of a decrease in lung cancer due to less people smoking and prevention.

ACS takes credit for the decrease in cancer due to their toxic treatments – surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Neither ACS nor the CDC has any available statistics on how many people are killed every year by these toxic treatments.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the U.S. every year, after heart disease.

In 2020 – 136,084 people died of lung cancer, 51,869 people died of colorectal cancer, 46,774 people died of pancreatic cancer, 42,275 females died of breast cancer, 32,707 males died of prostate cancer.

After 78 years of “research” by the ACS with a net worth of over $1.5B, they have found no “cure” and people are still dying of cancer.

The ACS has fought against prevention of cancer for decades, including:

1970 – Refused to testify in Congress to ban DES
1977-1978 – Opposed regulations for cancer-causing hair coloring products
1978 – Refused to support the Clean Air Act
1992 – Refused to support stopping the usage of organochlorine pesticides that cause breast cancer
1993 – Attacked a FRONTLINE report on PBS that exposed the dangers of pesticides

For decades ACS refused to acknowledge that smoking causes cancer but was forced to admit the truth after overwhelming public pressure.

ACS avoids discussing toxic drug and environmental factors that cause cancer due to its business dealings with cancer-causers and polluters like AstraZeneca, DuPont, Amgen, and others.

AstraZeneca, who manufactures tamoxifen, a toxic drug that causes uterine cancer, has made multimillion dollar contributions to ACS and, along with other drug companies, founded Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The ACS spends $166M a year on “discovery” to find out what causes cancer, ignoring the fact that pesticides, drugs, cosmetics, x-rays, mammograms, G-5 towers, industrial pollutants, contaminants in our air, soil, food, and more are known to cause cancer.

The ACS spends $46M a year on “advocacy,” another word for lobbying, to convince politicians and government agencies to give them more grants for their overhead, salaries, and useless “research.”

The ACS spends $354M on “patient support,” which means recommending mammograms for “prevention,” guiding people diagnosed with cancer toward toxic therapies; chemotherapy and radiation, and away from any notion of natural healing, transporting patients to and from their toxic therapy sessions, and taking care of patients after they become deathly ill from chemo and radiation.

The ACS does not disclose anywhere in the literature, on their websites, or in their annual report, any information on how many animals they vivisect or how much of their budget is spent on animal experimentation.

The ACS defends the torture of animals in their laboratories by maintaining:

They do it when no alternatives exist, when answers to scientific questions can be obtained no other way, when computer models are inadequate, when drugs must be tested on live subjects, and when animal “research” is crucial for understanding many causes of cancer.

The ACS knows that all the above are lies. They know that experiments on animals cannot be extrapolated to humans because of differences in physiology, metabolism, biochemistry, genetics, diet, and environment. They know that numerous state-of-the art, non-animal techniques for testing any drug, chemical, or compound, that can accurately be applied to humans are available. They know that all the cancer drugs they have tested on animals and marketed for humans cannot prevent or “cure” cancer and have toxic side-effects.

The executives of the American Cancer Society are well aware of the fact that their “charity” exists solely for the benefit of those who are paid six figure salaries to keep the fraud and lies of the ACS continuing into the next millennium and beyond. Since 1913 and after raising and spending billions of dollars, the ACS has not come up with one single drug that “cures” cancer. The only cancer therapies in existence are the toxic therapies available since the 1930s – surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Ever since John D. Rockefeller launched his campaign to destroy the holistic healers of the early 1900s who were successfully treating disease, and substituted drugs and vaccines for natural healing medicines, the medical industry and the American Cancer Society have made it their business to go after every doctor and every person who successfully heals cancer by non-toxic means – Burzynski, Gerson, Wigmore, Kelley, and many more. They have hounded them, persecuted them, had them prosecuted, and driven some of them out of business. Despite the efforts of the ACS, and the medical industry, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, as witnessed by the attendees of the yearly Cancer Control Society Convention, have been healed by natural therapies. The reason for that is, it works.

One glaring, scientific fact that the American Cancer Society “scientists” would have to admit were they honest is that only the immune system can heal the human body. And only by detoxing and building up the immune system can we heal disease. It is a simple solution and costs very little. But when chemotherapy for one patient brings in more than $150K to the medical industry, it is clear that healing is not the goal. And no one knows that better than the American Cancer Society.

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