The Pharma/Vaccine Cult

We and our supporters have been educating family, friends, and the general public for years regarding the dangers of vaccines and the fact they do not protect, only cause harm. We have encouraged people to read the “vaccine bible” VACCINATION CONDEMNED by Eleanor McBean and a number of other books on the subject like A SHOT IN THE DARK by Harris Coulter and Barbara Loe (Fisher), DON’T GET STUCK! By Hannah Allen, MURDER BY INJECTION by Eustace Mullins, EVIDENCE OF HARM: MERCURY IN VACCINES AND THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC By David Kirby, THE VACCINATION CONNECTION by Sue Marston (pdf on our site), and many others. The facts about vaccines have been available to everyone for several decades.

To see the latest available data regarding Covid vaccine reactions go to the CDC VAERS site that shows less than one percent of the actual deaths and illnesses from Covid vaccines. Add two zeros to get a closer estimate of the actual figures. 

(The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilence which also tracks reports of reactions from the Covid vaccines)

In spite of hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries caused by the Covid vaccines worldwide, the true believers still believe. They believe in everything they are told on pharma TV. They still wear masks even if they don’t have to. They do what they are told by the pharma/tech billionaires while their sock puppet in the White House acts as the vaccine-salesman-in-chief. Even their own family members dying within minutes of getting the jab cannot dissuade them from believing in pharma and vaccines. Vegans who purport to love animals defend getting the jab and angrily deny the fact that they are no longer vegans if they get injected with animal ingredients or with an mRNA vaccine that contains fetal tissue cells where animals are used in the production and manufacture of those vaccines.

Talking to any true believer and trying to reason with them and share facts is pointless. Like all cult members, they consider their leaders beyond reproach, and everyone who attacks their leaders is lying, misinformed or a “conspiracy theorist.” About a year ago, we realized there was no point in arguing with them. We came to the conclusion that all we can do is lay out the facts, report the Covid vaccine death numbers and share how pharma has manipulated the public to obey their every command. Pharma/vaccine cultists are beyond our reach. Historically, the only way to get someone to leave a cult is for family members to have them kidnapped and deprogramed by professionals, impossible to do with millions of people. However, there are instances where cult members have witnessed people destroyed by the cult they are in and as a result, leave and speak out. This has happened regarding several cults including Scientology and NXIVM.

Fortunately, there are still millions truth seekers who want and need to hear the facts from us and other medical freedom advocates. Those are the people whom we strive to reach through social media in every way we can despite overwhelming censorship. Those people have managed to hang on to their common sense through many months of 24/7 media brainwashing. The right to make their own choices of what goes into their bodies is incredibly important to them and they are smart enough to figure out for themselves where the truth lies. Informed consent is essential in a democracy. All sides of every issue must be heard. That is what we believe in and what we will continue to support. We and other health freedom advocates will continue to defeat government censorship and speak the truth.

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