The push to foist transgender drugs and surgery on children is one of those shocking examples and it is growing. The trans-medical industry is a system of exploitation where children are made to feel not okay in the body they are born in. They are encouraged to take hormones for the rest of their lives, and to have mutilative surgeries performed on themselves. If vested interests have their way, causing children to accept medical interventions regarding their gender will produce a bonanza in profits. Each trans-patient is estimated to be worth at least $150,000 for the trans-medical industry.

If adults like Bruce Jenner choose to make changes to their body with drugs and surgery, that is one thing. Bruce chose to become Caitlyn knowing full well all of the implications and medical complications that would entail. As an adult, he was fully able to take responsibility for doing what he believed would be best for him. Vulnerable children are not mature enough or knowledgeable enough to make that kind of decision.

It is regrettable that anyone who speaks out against the surgeries and tries to insure that trans-children get life-saving care, are labeled transphobic and anti-LGBT. Lying has been an effective ploy for the medical/pharmaceutical industry for decades. This is the same as vivisectors saying that animal experimentation is necessary for humanity’s progress and vaccines protect from disease. The public believes lies that are repeated often enough. Now pharma has left wing politicians urging them on regarding transgenderism and are passing legislation to make it easier for minors to have the surgeries without the knowledge of their parents. It is not hateful to be against children being mutilated. The people behind the trans-medical industry, and the wealthy surgeons who seek to benefit from these surgeries are oblivious to the pain they cause while at the same time many of those they perform surgery on are disadvantaged or live in poverty.

We do not allow minors to drive cars, to drink alcohol, or to smoke. Why then should we allow them to make permanent changes to their body? Many children regret getting the so-called gender-affirming surgeries. The link below takes you to an article regarding teens who feel remorse regarding their gender surgery and wish that someone had been there to stop it.

Teens who were interviewed for the New York Post article expressed how they felt influenced by their peers, by LGBT social media, and their own online community to mutilate their bodies. Often, they are kids who are depressed, feel isolated, and have body issues. Nevertheless, they are fast-tracked by doctors to receive hormone drugs and surgeries. These children find out after it’s too late that puberty blockers can stunt growth and affect bone density and that side effects from testosterone include high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and changes in their bone structure. Instead of standing firm and insisting their children wait until they are adults to make these drastic decisions, parents are guilt-tripped into doing what they are told will make their children happy. As this article shows, that is the wrong decision for parents to make.

Why is this issue so important now? Because logic has gone completely out the window and greed has taken over. Facts about gender dysphoria are censored, those who stand for children and gender-truth are labeled transphobic, and children who were influenced to take the hormones and have the surgeries are left to suffer.

So who is behind this movement? One of the most influential families in politics and a heavy promoter of transgenderism is the Pritzker family. Billionaire Governor Pritzker of Illinois, former secretary of commerce Penny Pritzker, and Jennifer (born James) Pritzker, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard and the father of three children, are going to great lengths to push the transgender movement. Jennifer Pritzker’s Tawani Foundation funds a multitude of organizations who are encouraged to push her agenda and on top that she is partners in a number of medical device companies that manufacture instruments, implants, cutting tools, and injection molded plastic products for use in surgeries. 

Jennifer (James) Pritzker – The world’s richest transgender at $36.9B

The link below sends you to an eye-opening article that details how billionaires like the Prtizkers can use their money to influence the behavior of millions of people, including vulnerable children.

It’s important to realize that children choosing the transgender path didn’t arrive there from some aspect of personal choice or freedom of expression, but it has been carefully engineered and manipulated though MSM and social media. Often, those that are pushed into transition are those who have suffered from abuse and mental illnesses. Instead of receiving therapy for the causes of their dysphoria, and learning to accept their bodies, they are encouraged to choose drastic modifications only to find out too late, the changes are permanent. We do not allow healthy people to mutilate themselves through cutting off their legs or arms. The public would be appalled at the very thought of it. So why are trans-surgeries being accepted and conducted when the end result is also mutilation?

Those who back this trans-movement are doing their best to convince the public that gender doesn’t exist. At the same time, they also attempt to portray transhumanism and creating human robots as perfectly normal. The gradual acceptance of sexuality as being something fluid is fraught with dangers. What we see now in mainstream media is that anyone who tells the simple truth – that there are two genders – are called bigots, and educators can be silenced and expelled from academia for expressing their opinions on the subject. Even those who question harmful surgical procedures out of curiosity receive the same treatment. As we’ve seen throughout history, authoritarianism has always been about stamping out logic and silencing any dissenting opinions. We’re at the point in society with the transgender issue, where anyone who doesn’t go along risks getting canceled. And what cannot be forgotten in all this is that gender is decided before you are born. X and Y chromosomes cannot be changed. You can pretend to be a member of the opposite sex but no number of drugs or surgeries will change who and what you are.

This issue is too important to ignore. The lives of our children are at stake, and we must protect them from dangerous trans-ideology that convinces them that they are not sound and perfect in their own body as God created it. The trans-movement is hyper-consumerism, packaged as inclusion and liberation. We must see through these lies.

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