With the release of Robert F. Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci we will gain information regarding the depth and breadth of the greed and corruption inside Fauci’s 53-year reign at the National Institutes of Health. By now everyone knows of the NIH funding of experiments on beagles being eaten alive by insects and the cruel experiments on incarcerated children at Willowbrook State School in NY. We know about his profits from royalties from drugs developed by researcher cronies, his illegal funding of deadly pathogen labs in the U.S. and Wuhan, China, and more. As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) he holds immense power as he chooses who will be awarded grants or rejected. That most of these grants are given to vivisectors who experiment on animals is no coincidence. All vivisectors dream of experimenting on humans and that is exactly what is happening now with Fauci and the Covid vaccines. While he has been breaking the law and using his position to enrich himself, he has completely failed in his mission as head of NIAID. We look forward to Kennedy’s book exposing Fauci as the corrupt, sadistic monster that he is.

But what of the many other self-serving offenders working in government health care agencies? Some of them were outed when The Children’s Health Defense Newsletter The Defender published a list of “17 Pharma Henchmen” at the FDA who voted to expose our children to harmful vaccines. These people have been so polluted by the pharmaceutical industry, so well paid by vaccine/drug companies that the fact that millions of children will be harmed by the toxic jabs they voted for bothers them not one bit. These individuals are members of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC). Their careers and incomes are intertwined with the drug/vaccine companies they are supposed to regulate. Below is a list of five of them.

Dr. Arnold Monto is acting chair of VRBPAC. He is a professor at the University of Michigan and has been flogging phony “pandemics” (bird flu, SARS, MERS) for decades. He has received more than $176,000 in payments for consulting and speaking fees from Pfizer as well as from other drug/vaccine companies. He believes that Bell’s Palsy, a side effect from vaccines is a normal occurrence in the general population. Dr. Monto has been deeply involved in every aspect of pushing the Covid “pandemic” and in 2020, the University of Michigan received $144 million from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Captain Amanda Cohn, M.D. is chief medical officer in the Office of Vaccine Policy, Preparedness, and Global Health at the CDC. She feels free to lie about vaccine effectiveness, admit her lies and then tell the same lies again. She pushes vaccines for infants, pregnant women, unaccompanied minors, adolescents, senior citizens, and Africans. If people are alone and vulnerable to coercion, and can be convinced to get the jab, she’s your gal to get the job done. Her mission while working for the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service, according to investigative journalist Jon Rappaport, was to persuade the public that “the whole world is being attacked by viruses, all the time.”

Dr. Hayley Gans is a professor of pediatrics at Stanford University Medical center. In 2015, Stanford received $50 million from the Gates Foundation to push vaccines. Gans is all in with jabbing babies and immunocompromised children and adults. In 2015 she received around $4,700 from GlaxoSmithKline and has been a consultant for Merck.

Dr. James Hildreth, Sr. Ph.D., M.D. is president and chief executive officer of Meharry Medical College in Nashville, a black academic health science center. Hildreth is proud of jabbing young children with the Pfizer vaccine on campus. He’s been the vaccine industry’s chief African American fear monger of Covid and promoter of Covid vaccines in the black community. He has spoken out against the use of ivermectin for Covid prevention and declared that studies using ivermectin in humans have never happened, which is a blatant lie.

Dr. Paul Offit, M.D., arguably the worst voter/offender in the lot, works at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and holds the Maurice R. Hilleman Chair of Vaccinology at the University of Pennsylvania which is endowed by Merck. He has been pushing vaccines on babies since 2006 and made the famous and abhorrent assertion that “babies can tolerate 10,000 vaccines at once.”

He’s had ties to drug companies since 1998, brags about making money from vaccines and has been accused by a congressional committee of having unacceptable ties to the drug industry. He developed the Merck Rota Teq rotavirus vaccine and approved its use for infants. He made at least $29 million after the selling of its worldwide royalty interest. Rota Teq is still being injected into infants even though it causes a variety of harmful side effects including death. Offit is determined to take away the rights of parents to decide what medical intrusions are forced on their children and has said “parents do not have carte blanche with respect to their children…” His nickname is “For Profit Offit.”

This then is a short list of members of the FDA Hall of Shame who voted to inject babies with toxic chemicals and animal/human cell lines. They are sleazy, greedy, corrupt and skirt the laws of ethics and morality but their cohorts in the vaccine/drug industry have actually been convicted in criminal and civil courts for committing crimes. We have written about them in the past but a list of their most egregious crimes bears repeating.


Pfizer paid out in 2009, $1.3 billion in criminal fines and $1 billion for allegations under the False Claims Act. They falsely promoted Bextra, Celebrex, Geodon, Zyvox and Lyrica and were accused of paying kickbacks. Pfizer pulled Bextra off the market after paying a $386 million settlement. Pfizer was the first drug/vaccine company to get approval from WHO to sell their Covid vaccines. Pfizer made $36 billion from Covid-19 vaccines this year. Pfizer and Moderna are on track to make $53 billion from their mRNA vaccines. Pfizer also expects the Covid vaccine market to extend beyond 2022 if they can successfully keep the fear mongering going. If they are able to keep terrifying millons of people into believing in a fake “pandemic,” there is a possibility that the U.S. government will sign another large contract with Pfizer. After entering the antiviral drug market this year they hope to increase their sales even further.

Johnson & Johnson paid $485 million in criminal fines in 2013 and $1.72 billion in civil settlements. They paid $7.5 million in fines for destroying evidential documents regarding Retin A in 1995, paid $860 million in class action lawsuits regarding Acuvue in 2001 and paid $85 million for misbranding Natrecor in 2010. They illegally marketed Risperdal and for that were charged $2.2 billion in criminal fines by the U.S. Justice Department in 2013. Their long history of criminal activity demonstrates their contempt for the law and ability to profit and thrive despite repeated convictions. Now, their Covid vaccine is causing injury and death from blood clots but because there is no liability for vaccine damage, they cannot be sued for these crimes against humanity.

Merck is most famous for their drug Vioxx. For penalties related to Vioxx, in 2004 Merck paid $321,636,000 in criminal fines, $426,389 in civil settlements and $201,975,000 were distributed to Medicaid states. The FDA estimates that Vioxx killed 27,785 people. In March 2021, Merck teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to help J&J manufacture their Covid vaccine.

AstraZeneca illegally marketed the drug Seroquel and paid kickbacks to doctors for writing articles about the drug. For this they were fined $520 million. They merged with Novartis to form Syngenta which manufactures the deadliest weed killer on the planet – paraquat. There are at least 20 lawsuits that have been filed against Syngenta for covering up evidence that it causes Parkinson’s disease. In 2003 they pleaded guilty to criminal and civil charges relating to the illegal marketing of the prostate cancer drug Zoladex.

In June 2020, Bayer/Monsanto paid a $10 million settlement to resolve lawsuits regarding their cancer-causing pesticide Roundup. They still face 30,000 cases from plaintiffs that refused to settle. On November 10, 2021, Stefan Oelrich, the president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division stated that the mRNA Covid-19 shots are actually “cell and gene therapy” marketed as “vaccines” to be palatable to the public.” He continued on saying that the novel mRNA vaccines would have otherwise been rejected by the public if not for a “pandemic” and favorable marketing.

These are the drug/vaccine companies and their partners in crime that have joined with the White House to impose lockdowns, mask wearing and vaccine mandates. These convicted criminals are the ones who have decided that your children will be forced to get vaccinated in order to go to school, that government workers must be vaccinated or lose their jobs. They have become so all-powerful they get to decide with their phony PCR tests which football players get to play in a game, affecting the outcome of football games. Two years ago, the very thought of pharma controlling the NFL would have been unthinkable.

We find it unfathomable that people want to put convicted criminals in charge of their health. These companies have killed and injured hundreds of thousands of people with their drugs and pesticides and their executives should have been put in jail. Instead, these powerful billionaires continue to profit from their crimes and use their cronies in government, the media, and their PR companies to convince members of the public that they are worthy of their trust. All we can say is if you want to know the truth, follow the money, and you know by now exactly where that will lead you.

Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear, and greed.
— Albert Einstein

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