The assaults on our freedoms and the willingness of millions of people to enslave themselves to powerful demagogues is a cycle that has been repeated again and again since time immemorial. There will always be people of courage who fight for freedom and millions more who are ruled by fear. The difference between the battles for freedom won and lost in the past is that never before in the history of mankind have we had a media that influences our every thought and action on a global level. Millionaires like Bill Gates own almost every institution having to do with our health and food production. Money controls our thoughts, our entertainment, our news, and our politicians. The search for facts has become difficult and only those of us who persistently seek the facts can understand the dangerous times we live in. The evil doers are determined to control us while, at the same time, they use vaccines, drugs, and pesticides to kill as many “useless eaters” as possible, especially targeting the most helpless among us. The eugenics movement may have been hidden beneath the surface for a few decades, but eugenicists have never left us, and they are now in full bloom with Bill Gates as their poster boy.

We in the antivivisection/natural health movement used to laugh about how pharma would announce a new flu/pandemic every couple of years – Swine Flu, SARS, Ebola, Bird Flu, etc. and as soon as one bit the dust because of lack of interest, another pandemic of earthshaking proportions would be invented to fear monger the public and sell vaccines.

We joked about how long it would be after a pandemic was exposed as a fraud before pharma introduced another scary monster virus that would kill everybody on the planet. When there was a time lag between pandemics we knew if we were patient another one would come along any minute.

If only we could have been a bit more perceptive, if only we’d paid more attention to what Klaus Schwab was saying about a New World Order that to us sounded like a crazy conspiracy theory, if we’d paid more attention to the warnings of Naomi Wolf and others who predicted exactly what is happening now, maybe we wouldn’t have laughed at the stupidity of all those phony pandemics and instead would have been better prepared for the massive debacle we are dealing with right now. We would have been prepared for the Great Reset, transhumanism, and the gatherings of international leaders at Davos to discuss how the “new industrial revolution” will use all of us as fodder for their self-serving plans.

What we failed to consider was that the pharmaceutical industry was buying up the media with drug commercials and buying politicians on both sides of the aisle. We failed to recognize the willingness of millions of people to give up their independence and throw away their common sense. Although in the past we fought many battles with Fauci and the NIH over the fraud and cruelty regarding the millions of animals they torture in their vivisection laboratories, we failed to recognize Fauci’s psychopathic lust for money and power and the lengths he was willing to go to achieve control over the population. We knew several years ago that pharma was killing hundreds of thousands of people with the AIDS drug AZT but Fauci as a drug pusher and drug profiteer was not yet on our radar. When the fake Covid pandemic began to be promoted on TV and we saw Fauci stand out as the biggest salesman of Covid vaccines, the man was finally and directly in our sites. It became clear that he not only was intent on torturing and killing animals, but he was also willing to do the same to human beings.

Bill Gates, on the other hand, always was a frightening figure, revealing himself early on as a ruthless businessman, pushing his vaccines and unsustainable farming methods on helpless farmers in Africa then buying up farmland in the U.S. What we were only vaguely aware of was that Fauci and Gates had been working together testing their toxic drugs on Africans and third world countries killing millions of people in the process. It wasn’t until Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci came out that we learned the full extent of the psychotic, murderous actions of Fauci and Gates.


The present campaign to vaccinate everyone with never ending boosters is not sustainable. The PCR tests that promoted the phony pandemic have been recalled because, as the FDA admitted, they can’t tell the difference between the supposed Covid virus and the common cold. People all over the world are rebelling. The more their leaders try to control them, the stronger the push-back. Millions of people are being killed and damaged by the vaccines. Children are developing myocarditis and dying from the vaccines. Even the most fear mongered people among us will stop giving excuses as to why their loved ones died right after receiving the Covid vaccine and be forced to admit the true cause of their loved ones’ deaths. Thousands of lawsuits are being filed in this country and in other parts of the world to stop the mandates. Sooner or later, Biden will have to cave. As with the protests against the Viet Nam war, it took almost every single person in the country knowing someone who had been killed in that war to finally make people feel fed up enough to put a stop to it. When massive weariness sets in, a killing campaign cannot be sustained.

You can be certain that even now, the pandemic to replace this one is in the works. Will they bring back Ebola? They might.

Will they invent a completely new virus? It’s possible.

But whatever the next pandemic invention might be, we must be prepared. Some of those preparations are already in the works. A parallel economy is growing – businesses that reject the illegal rules and regulations that promote fear, masks, and vaccinations. We must support those businesses. We need to find food supplies that are organic and don’t require us to buy our food from the pharma-controlled supermarkets we go to now. We must keep fighting the school boards and local governments that are grooming children to become fearful, isolated, uneducated pawns of pharma but eventually, home schooling and home-schooling groups may become the norm. We need to find ERs and other medical facilities near us where we can inform them of our legal rights to be treated, when the time comes, without jabs, masks, or tests. Trying to negotiate our rights when we’re screaming in pain from a kidney stone or broken leg is not a good idea. Planning ahead when it comes to our health concerns is paramount.

Health freedom fighter and comedian JP Sears says in his videos, “courage is contagious.” Be an example to others as you shop and go about your business mask-free. Some of you have told us that there are times when you become so aggravated by mask wearers that you just want to scream, “Take off the mask, you stupid idiot! Yes, yelling at mask wearers may feel good for a fleeting moment but it would accomplish nothing except a release of your frustrations. It’s better to smile, strike up conversations about other things, and remind them what normal looks and feels like. Sometimes, when we do that, people will ask if it’s okay not to wear a mask – don’t the store employees get on your case? Our answer to them is that when store employees mention a mask to us, they leave us alone after we simply state we don’t wear them. Even in places that have signs at the door that say ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRY WITHOUT A MASK go in mask free. And if you should get hassled, carry the convenient postcards created by Peggy Hall informing them of your right to be served. (Those postcards are available at Many people wear masks because they are more afraid of store managers than they are of germs. So be an example. Be courageous. Show them how it’s done.

Another very important thing you can do is buy as many copies of The Real Anthony Fauci as you can afford. The profits go directly to Children’s Health Defense. Send the book to your city council members, county supervisors and state and federal representatives. Unless you’re a millionaire, obviously you can’t send the book to everyone but choose the ones that you think might be swayed by facts as opposed to politicians like Governor Newsom who are corrupted beyond redemption. Give the book to friends who are confused and sitting on the fence. If they read the book, they no longer will be on the fence but firmly on the side of freedom.

Last but not least, from now on, sitting on the couch watching protests on the internet is not an option. Get up, get out, and join the fight. If there are no protests planned in your city or community organize them yourself. Plan to attend the historical march in Washington, D.C. on January 23.

As we prepare for the next fear mongering campaign, we still will keep our eye fixed on the goal of defeating the evildoers and retaining our rights under the Constitution. The lawsuits will continue, the worldwide protests will grow, and every day we will confront the people who, with their illegal regulations, try to force us to cover our faces, take harmful tests and get jabbed. We will continue to be examples for the oppressed and fearful and will educate those willing to listen. Meanwhile, you can be certain, as history has taught us, the next big lie is on the horizon. But this time, we will be prepared.

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