Right now, there is a heated debate going on between the virus believers and those who understand the fraud of Pasteur’s germ theory. Many health freedom activists insist that both sides should reconcile because we are fighting the same battle against the pharma/vaccine oppressors. Unfortunately, if the public believes that the Covid virus exists, drug and vaccine companies will continue to exploit that belief to sell their products which, they claim, will protect us against all of the germs floating around ready to zap us dead unless we have been jabbed with a mix of toxic chemicals, animal pus, human cell lines, and mystery DNA.

The only way to end the pharmaceutical industry’s decades-long procession of phony pandemics is to understand that the viruses are nonexistent. As long as the major health freedom groups push the virus theory and claim, to the delight of Fauci and pharma, that Covid “escaped from a lab in Wuhan”, we will continue to be victims of one fake pandemic after another.


Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), like Anthony Fauci, was a great salesman and knew how to sell his germ theory. Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908), who espoused the terrain theory avoided publicity and spent his time in his laboratories. Unlike Pasteur, he maintained that living entities called microzymes created bacteria in response to the condition of the body – that disease-causing germs thrive in bodies that are unhealthy or have weaknesses or internal imbalances. Pasteur sold the public on the belief that the body is sterile, disease can “strike” anybody, and that to prevent disease we have to build up defenses (drugs and vaccines). Béchamp, on the other hand, said that the body is not sterile, that microbes exist naturally in the body, that disease is built on unhealthy conditions, and to prevent disease we have to create health.


During the late 1800s and early 1900s, in the United States, arsenic, lead, heroin, and mercury were used in common consumer products like health remedies, paint, jewelry, and gasoline. The pesticide arsenate, a combination of lead and arsenic was the most commonly used pesticide across the country, permeated the food systems, and remained in the soil for decades. The toxic chemicals in these pesticides are now known to cause neurotoxicity – muscle weakness and cramps, tingling of fingers and toes, and a variety of other health problems – symptoms that were soon-to-be-called polio.

In 1907, as many people, mostly children who did not have fully developed immune systems, became sick from exposure to lead, arsenic, and mercury. Dr. Simon Flexner, of the Rockefeller Institute saw this as a great opportunity to sell vaccines. He claimed he had discovered a “virus” in these sick people that was the cause of poliomyelitis, an inflammation of the gray matter in the spinal cord. He and his fellow “scientists” had injected spinal cord tissue from a young boy who had died, into the brains of monkeys who ended up dying. Flexner admitted, “pureed spinal cord, brain, fecal matter, even flies were ground up and injected into monkeys to induce paralysis.” He and his fellow “researchers” did not look for any other causes for the serious symptoms affecting a growing number of people. They claimed, with no proof whatsoever, that the polio virus was the cause of their illnesses and death. They admitted that this supposed virus had not been demonstrated with certainty under the microscope but they were confident that no scientific proof was necessary. If the “scientists” at the Rockefeller Institute said so, it was so. And any doctor who recommended natural healing, herbal remedies, vitamins, and chiropractic and did not buy into the germ theory were put out of business by the Rockefeller Institute. Founded by Standard Oil tycoon, John D. Rockefeller, in 1901, the Institute paid millions of dollars to medical schools who pushed drugs and vaccines, and as a result came to control the entire medical/educational system.

Thomas Milton Rivers at the Rockefeller Institute established the “science” of virology as a separate field from bacteriology in 1928. Soon Rivers and others at the Institute began to “discover” viruses for smallpox, mumps, measles, and yellow fever. With no proof that these viruses existed they could patent drugs and vaccines to treat these invisible germs and make certain that no money was spent on toxicology research that would discover that the real answer to the paralysis they called polio was arsenic, lead, and mercury.


In 1945, polio cases were increasing, many diagnosed with the disease simply because they had ailments caused by toxicity. In 1944 American soldiers had been inundated with DDT to prevent the possibility of typhus. Warnings by low level government scientists of the dangers to human health from this pesticide went unheeded. Soon DDT was pushed as the miracle answer to polio, and every aspect of human life in the United States became drenched in DDT. Dr. Morton Biskind warned Congress that DDT itself was linked to polio but was ignored. The Rockefeller Institute and their cohorts in the AMA created a health disaster and convinced the public that more and more DDT was the answer to polio and as a result, cases of polio exploded.

Finally, in the early 1950s, farmers and the US Department of Agriculture saw the light and drastically reduced the use of DDT. The general public followed suite and incidences of polio began to decline. It was during this decline in 1955 that the Salk vaccine was introduced and soon after that the many symptoms that had been called polio, were eliminated. Victory over polio because of the vaccine was announced. Jonas Salk was celebrated as a hero. Total hogwash. But the myth is still believed by millions of people. In actuality, in states where polio vaccines were mandatory, the incidences of polio went up 300 percent and now, the only incidences of polio in third world countries are caused by the polio vaccine.


The next opportunity for the medical/pharmaceutical industry to cement in people’s brains that viruses cause disease was the AIDS debacle. In 1986 gay men, mostly in large cities, were starting to have serious immune system disorders and were dying from them. Anthony Fauci and his friend at the NIH, Robert Gallo, saw this as an opportunity to build up the languishing National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) that Fauci headed up, by declaring a new disease called AIDS and fomenting fear. Their strategy worked well. Gallo stole the work of a French scientist Luc Montagnier who claimed he had discovered the HIV virus in the lymph nodes of some AIDS victims and the two pals were off and running. Fauci and Gallo knew if they could convince the public that the cause of AIDS was this retrovirus HIV and not toxins, their coffers and that of their pharma partners would fill to overflowing. This inspired drug company Burroughs Wellcome to bring back the deadly, ineffective cancer drug AZT. Fauci kept the world waiting for this miracle drug until the clamoring by the gay community for its release became overwhelming and sales went through the roof. The drug trials had clearly shown the dangers of the drug, but those results were redacted. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people–gay, straight, sick, and healthy who were convinced by the media and their doctors to take AZT, died from AZT poisoning.

By 1989 profits for Burroughs Wellcome were over $200 million even though Montagnier had finally admitted “there is no proof that HIV causes AIDS.” Africa became another huge market for AZT and other drugs as malnutrition, unclean food and water, and deadly pesticides caused ailments that ended up being diagnosed as AIDS. Africa became another cash cow for drug companies pushing HIV as the cause of AIDS.

The most notable scientist to speak against the grain was Dr. Peter Duesberg, a molecular biologist whose reputation was impeccable. He maintained that HIV did not cause AIDS and that the variety of diseases that came under the heading of AIDS was caused by exposure to the high-risk behavior of the gay community and their use of drugs. No one wanted to hear this. This was “blaming the victims,” and could not be tolerated. Fauci, Gallo, and the gay community led the charge to destroy his career and they almost did. If he had not achieved tenure at Berkeley he would have been out of a job. Karey Mullis, Nobel prize winning chemist for his invention of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), also stated that HIV did not cause AIDS. He, like other scientists, said that human beings are filled with retroviruses and that retroviruses have never killed anybody.

As Jon Rappoport, Pulitzer Prize nominated writer and reporter, points out in his book, AIDS Inc., starting in the 1970s, gay men were beginning to use poppers, amyl nitrite, by the truckload. Poppers are a million times more carcinogenic than the nitrites in bacon. Poppers were everywhere in the 1970s, especially bathhouses and gay bookstores. Burroughs Wellcome who also sold the drug AZT that killed thousands of people, advertised their poppers in gay magazines. Qualudes, speed, valium, steroids, flagyl, Atabrine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and antibiotics to prevent infections from sexually transmitted bacteria, were some of the drugs used by gay men in the 70s and 80s. Intravenous drug users and convicted criminals who had a variety of toxic drugs and pesticides tested on them in prisons also came down with the same symptoms of gay men who were suffering from immune suppression. At that time, suggesting it could be these toxic chemicals that were causing AIDS was heresy and you could kiss your career as a doctor or scientist goodbye.

Dr. Sue Watson was one of several doctors and scientists trying to warn gays about poppers. She wrote a letter to the Advocate, the largest gay publication in America, “Our studies show that amyl nitrite strongly suppressed the segment of the immune system (cellular immunity) which normally protects individuals against Kaposi’s sarcoma, Pneumocystis pneumonia, herpes virus, Candida, amebiasis, and a variety of other opportunistic infections. The upshot of this research is that persons using nitrite inhalants may be at risk of development of AIDS…Publication of this letter in the Advocate will serve to alert the community to the health risks of using amyl nitrite. I hope you will see fit to include this information in the news section of the Advocate.

The editors did not answer Dr. Watson and they did not print her letter. They and their readers and the general public had been made to believe in the virus theory and as a result, amyl nitrite and other drug use continued unabated and hundreds of thousands of people died because they didn’t want to hear what was inconvenient and politically unacceptable.GENERATIONS OF FAKE VIRUSES

Between 2020 and the fraudulent AIDS pandemic of the 1980s, Fauci and his minions have attempted to thrust many would-be pandemics and viruses on the public – Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Hong Kong Flu, SARS, Ebola, but they all ended up in the pandemic scrap heap because Fauci and pharma did not yet have total control of the media. Once they had it and could convince the public of anything, Covid became the crown jewel in their fake virus collection. Without a shred of evidence that the virus existed they invented a PCR test that its inventor Karey Mullis said was never meant to diagnose disease. They didn’t bother to follow the format for virus isolation since they know better than anyone that it doesn’t exist. Fauci and pharma called every disease known to man Covid to drive up the fear factor and proceeded to kill people diagnosed with Covid with Remdesivir and ventilators. The Covid rate surged and people around the world believed in this fake virus enough to get themselves jabbed with the Covid vaccine and now millions of them have paid the price in injury and death.


The hundreds of thousands of unnecessary human deaths from belief in viruses and vaccines is why it makes a difference whether or not people understand the germ vs terrain theory. The virus theory and the resultant vaccine industry is also having a catastrophic affect on the millions of animals – rats, mice, monkeys, cows, calves, crabs, and other animals whose serum, organs, and tissue end up as ingredients in vaccines. There are also millions of animals who have been made to suffer and die as test subjects for vaccines throughout the decades. The vaccine and vivisection industries are inextricably intertwined.

Changing a lifetime of belief in the germ theory is as difficult as changing people’s belief in vaccines. Robert Kennedy, Jr. who knows as much about vaccine damage as anyone, still cannot bring himself to be called an ANTIVAXXER, a label we proudly bear. RFK, Jr., a Covid virus believer, admitted in his book The Real Anthony Fauci he didn’t want to write the chapter on Duesberg because many people thought Duesberg was crazy for saying HIV did not cause AIDS. This was a scientist with an impeccable reputation who lost his career, was never able to get another government grant, and was vilified by the very people he was trying to help.


The Rockefeller drug cartel has dominated the healthcare industry for many decades, to our extreme detriment. And the influence of Rockefeller-educated doctors on health freedom leaders is still very much with us in this fight to control our own bodies and freely make treatment decisions for ourselves and our children. The debate continues and the truth matters.

Suggested viewing – Terrain the Film – available online.

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