Cartoon Mocking Bird Flu the First Time Around


Back when the Covid fraud began, we warned people that as soon as pharma and their vaccine companies had squeezed as much money out of this fake pandemic as they could, they would soon invent another flu/pandemic. When the modern age avian/bird flu nonsense was first introduced in the U.S. in 2015, pharma did not completely own mainstream media as they do now, and the attempt to frighten the public with bird flu fears soon went down in flames and the bird flu vaccine bonanza did not materialize. Pharma failed despite warnings from them that bird flu was highly contagious, flocks of infected birds had to be destroyed, and animal to human contagion was a real possibility. Most people ignored the whole thing. Now, it’s a different story. Because of the massive amount of drug and vaccine commercials on every channel, pharma controls the airwaves. No producer or commentator on mainstream media dares to contradict anything pharma declares to be true for fear of tremendous revenue loss. At the height of the Covid debacle, debate was stifled, websites that spoke out against the fake pandemic and warned about the dangers of vaccines were shut down. Censorship became the order of the day. The White House worked with social media to censor anyone who disagreed with the pharma party line. Doctors who rebelled were ridiculed, condemned, and had their licenses yanked. 


But the facts eventually came out. Millions of individuals who were harmed or had loved ones harmed or killed by the vaccines either woke up or became suspicious of the vaccines. Pfizer’s lies regarding human trials and the actual damage caused by vaccines on test subjects were revealed as Naomi Wolf led the charge to uncover the facts. Check out the book she piloted to publication here.   Sales of Covid vaccines plummeted. To get pharma’s coffers overflowing again with vaccine profits, timing is now right for another pandemic and for the World Health Organization to again attempt to assert their power over sovereign nations. The question is, will the public again fall for the B.S.? Will they again agree to be locked down, censored, forced to wear masks, kids in schools sitting behind plastic shields, and all the rest of it? And most important, will they agree to have another toxic jab injected into their bodies? Because, of course, the main goal in convincing people there is a terrible virus floating around everywhere is to sell vaccines and make a lot of money.


It pains us to say that many animal rights people and vegans are just as brainwashed and believe in the lies of the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry as much as everyone else. The animals pay a terrible price for the allegiance to pharma by animal welfare people. To us, it is a disappointing, unfathomable, dispiriting situation. These animal loving people turn a blind eye to the millions of viable calf fetuses that are ripped out of their mothers’ wombs at slaughterhouses, are strapped to metal tables, after which needles are injected into their hearts that suck blood out of their bodies, causing the babies to die a horribly painful death. This is done so the blood serum from these helpless babies can become the basis of the vaccine witches brew that consists of toxic chemicals, mystery RNA, and the ground up organs of more animals, usually primates. A million animals are forced to go through this hell every year! Why do vegans and other animal-loving people ignore this?! Why do they choose to believe in vaccines and side with pharma against the animals?

Dr. Andrew Kaufman and many other doctors and lay people have educated millions of people regarding the fraud of Pasteur’s germ theory and the fact that the Covid virus was never isolated and that it could not even be proven to exist. We began educating the public about Pasteur’s germ theory decades ago. One of Dr. Kaufman’s videos can be viewed here: (you can skip the ad) He has explained in detail how the scientific isolation of viruses should occur and why this has never been done. He and others demonstrated in the documentary Terrain that the terrain theory espoused by credible researchers at the time of Pasteur makes it clear that the body becomes ill because of ingesting toxins and we must cleanse our bodies and allow our immune systems to heal us because, in fact, our immune system is the only thing that can heal us.  

Doctors in the 1800s jumped on Pasteur’s germ theory because it explained why they could not “cure” people, which was not because they were inept, but because there existed something smaller than bacteria, that no one could see. Because of that, they said, vaccines were necessary to save people from these unseen germs. The terrain theory that says we must detox our bodies to become healthy, was drowned out due to the publicity campaign of Pasteur and others who outshouted the sensible researchers.

The entire Rockefeller pharmaceutical industry is built on the germ theory. Pharma has convinced the public that our immune systems cannot heal us but instead we must be protected from unseen viruses by vaccines and when we get sick despite getting the toxic jabs we must ingest drugs. Contrary to the assertions of pharma, drugs do not heal, are not meant to heal, but suppress symptoms and cause harmful side effects. It is sad that many people are members of the pharma/ drug/vaccine religion and will not be dissuaded by facts. And that includes animal rights people and health freedom advocates.


Robert Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, as well as doctors, lawyers and other health professionals speak out against vaccines but believe in the germ theory. We and Dr. Kaufman and others have tried to have an intelligent conversation with RFK, Jr. regarding his belief in viruses and pandemics, all to no avail. RFK, Jr. even wrote a book about how the Covid virus came out of a lab in Wuhan, pleasing pharma to no end that RFK, Jr. was pushing belief in the existence of the virus. We have tried to tell RFK, Jr., health freedom advocates, and animal rescue people that as long as they believe in the existence of viruses we will never be free of an endless line of flues/pandemics/vaccines sure to be promoted by pharma into the next millennium and beyond. At a trial of an animal rescuer last year, supporters were encouraged to wear masks. We were appalled by their ignorance and their belief in a system that they are supposedly fighting. Only by understanding the virus fraud will we ever be free of the vaccine tyranny of pharma and the lockdowns, mask wearing, business destroying, education destroying, and censorship debacles that go along with it. 


Now that the media is pushing bird flu again, the inevitable slaughtering of the animals has begun. Whenever pharma or big business have an agenda that could mean more profits for them, killing off animals that “are infected” with something or other is always a great way to accomplish that. Two million chickens, said to be supposedly infected with bird flu, were slaughtered in one or two days at Cal-Mains factory farm in Texas, either by CO2 gas, atmospheric pressure, or some other mass murdering method – horrifically cruel deaths for two million animals! Where are the protests by PETA and others? Why the silence? They like to talk about animal holocausts, well, here is one. Are one or two animals being treated cruelly more important than two million? Why? Is it because the leaders of these animal groups continue to believe in viruses and that if pharma says millions of animals must be cruelly slaughtered then it must be done to save human lives? To us it is unfathomable why the large animal groups aren’t screaming their heads off and trying to prevent the inevitable farm animal killings to happen soon because of another fake pandemic.

If pharma can convince the public of the myth that these animals are infected with the bird flu virus and that it can spread to humans from animals, even more farm animals will be mass murdered by horrific means. Their bodies will be boiled at high temperatures to rid them of the fake virus and used as animal feed or for other purposes. Waste not want not. Prices for animal meat and dairy products will then skyrocket and the fake bird flu will be blamed. As vegans we are dedicated to educating the public about the environmental and health benefits of a plant-based diet, but the mass slaughtering of animals in addition to those already being slaughtered because the farm industry is promoting higher prices, pharma is promoting vaccines, and Bill Gates is promoting lab grown meat, is not the way to get people to eat a plant-based diet.


We began educating people decades ago at veg fests about fake pandemics, the dangers of vaccines, and the vaccine connection to vivisection. That angered many people who stopped by our booths. We found it shocking that animal rights people and vegans were so eager to believe in pharma and not us. Why? The answer is fear. Pharma knows how to promote fear. Their massive pandemic advertising campaigns run by marketing firms like the powerful Publicis advertising agency, know how to ratchet up fear into feverish public hysteria. That is how they bend people to their will. That is how they get people to wear masks and sell their vaccines and make billions of dollars. That is how they get animal welfare people to accept the brutal slaughter of two million animals in one day as normal. And that is how WHO expects to control all our lives with another worldwide pandemic fear campaign.

It is our hope that with this bird flu B.S. health freedom advocates and animal people will finally take off their blinders and swear off their allegiance to pharma. To them we say, independent critical thinking is the answer to fear mongering and along with that comes a reminder to protect the creatures you say you love. Do that and you loosen the chains that bind you to the liars who are destroying our health and emptying our pocketbooks. They are not worthy of your loyalty.

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