We Are Not the Same

Billions of rats and mice have been tortured and killed in vivisection laboratories for over 100 years. The result – not one cure to any disease and not one medical advance due to animal experimentation. Keeping in mind that even rats and mice have differences, let’s compare them to humans to understand why brutalizing them is not only cruel but pointless.



1. Plaque (fatty deposits) are deposited in the liver
1. Plaque (fatty deposits) are deposited in the blood vessels (leading to stroke and heart disease)
2. 3-year life span requires massive doses for drug/product testing – more than humans will ever use
2. 72+ life span and consume drugs and chemicals in minute doses over a lifetime
3. Imuran (immunosupressive) causes birth defects in mice
3. Imuran does not cause birth defects in humans
4. Manufacture Vitamin C in their bodies
4. Can only obtain Vitamin C through the diet
5. Lysodren (cancer chemotherapy) does not cause kidney damage in rodents
5. Lysodren causes kidney damage in humans
6. Continual pregnancy is healthier for rodents
6. Continual pregnancy in humans leads to nutritional depletion and disease
7. Hypersensitive to chlorine in minute doses
7. Can stand chlorine in much larger doses
8. Manufacture Vitamin B in the appendix
8. Manufacture Vitamin B in the liver
9. Myambutol (TB antibiotic) causes birth defects in mice
9. Myambutol does not cause birth defects in humans
10. Eliminate drugs from the body in 3 hours (faster elimination reduces drug danger)
10. Eliminate drugs in 72 hours. Increases danger of drugs in the aged
11. Thymidine shrinks tumors in mice
11. Thymidine does not shrink tumors in humans
12. Catapres (anti-hypertensive) causes retinal degeneration in rats
12. Catapres does not cause retinal degeneration in humans
13. Can’t tolerate more than 15 minutes of direct sunlight
13. Can tolerate direct sunlight for much longer periods
14. Chloroform is toxic to mice in minute doses
14. Humans can stand chloroform in much larger doses
15. Obtain Vitamin D by licking their own fur
15. Obtain Vitamin D through the diet
16. Moban (Tranquilizer) causes breast tumors in mice
16. Moban does not cause breast tumors in humans
17. Specially bred for laboratory studies. Live in a controlled, sterile environment. Majority of diseases induced through genetic breeding (tumors and genetic defects), or from parasitic infections
17. Humans come from a wide variety of genetic, environmental and lifestyle backgrounds, all unpredictable. Environment, diet and lifestyles responsible for most human diseases
18. Rats have no gall bladder – Digest fats differently
18. Humans have a gall bladder. Digest fats differently
19. Require 3 1/2 times more protein than humans
19. Excess protein responsible for kidney damage in humans
20. Thalidomide (Tranquilizer) does not cause birth defects in rats
20. Thalidomide causes birth defects in humans
21. Meclazine (for travel sickness) causes birth defects in rats
21. Meclazine does not cause birth defects in humans
22. Coumarin (blood thinner) causes liver damage in rodents
22. Coumarin does not cause liver damage in humans

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