By now, most of us who have been paying attention, realize that what we were told by leading antivivisectionists decades ago – “animal experimentation leads to human experimentation” is true. For many years, orphans, poor people, Latinos, African Americans, and the desperate and vulnerable have served as convenient test subjects for the government and drug companies. And there has always been a connection between torturing and killing animals in vivisection laboratories and doing the same to human beings.

Vivisectors have no regard for either human or animal life. They are psychopaths who are fascinated with stabbing, burning, electrocuting, excising body parts, freezing, psychologically torturing, and drowning animals. They constantly devise new and more heinous ways to brutalize animals while telling the public every step of the way they are doing it for the benefit of humanity. Because of their greed and cruelty, humans will continue to pay the price.


Vladimir Demikhov was a vivisector whose favorite test subject was dogs. After transplanting various organs from one dog to another, he became obsessed with transplanting their heads. In the early 1950s, Demikhov began his abhorrent experiments transplanting heads of dogs at least 35 times. In 1959, he transplanted the head of a small dog onto the neck of a full-grown German shepherd. It was considered his most memorable because this horrific abomination lived for four days, and the story of this experiment was covered in LIFE Magazine. The physical and emotional suffering these dogs experienced is unimaginable.Demikhov’s Brutal Experiment

The Result – Horrific Mental, Emotional and Physical Torment

Inspired by Demikhov’s experiments, in 1965, Dr. David White of Cleveland, Ohio transplanted a dog’s brain into the neck of another dog. It existed in unrelenting torment for five days. White decided to forgo dog experiments and move on to rhesus monkeys. After many failed experiments, in 1970, White, (known as ‘Humble Bob by his fellow vivisectors and Dr. Butcher by normal people) transplanted one monkey head onto another. Upon opening his eyes, the monkey went insane; it was terrified, distressed, and confused. His eyes followed White around the room, snapping at him, and trying to bite him. The monkey lived in this state for eighteen excruciating hours. Even though the public was horrified and called him every derogatory name in the book, White made plans to do the same to a human being and found a quadriplegic volunteer, Craig Vetovitz, willing to undergo the head transplant. Unfortunately for White, the U.S. government stopped funding his gruesome experiments and the human head transplant never occurred. White thankfully died in 2010 but not soon enough for his former victims.Unimaginable Suffering

White – The Epitome of a Psychotic Vivisector

Dr. Leonard Baily, who transplanted a baboon’s heart into Stephanie Fae Beauclair (Baby Fae) and had performed more than 150 transplants in sheep, goats and baboons, had failed miserably at all of them. The horrors he inflicted on these animals is impossible for most of us to comprehend. Despite all his failures, Baily, in 1984, talked Baby Fae’s parents into allowing this experiment to be perpetrated on their 14-day-old infant. There were other surgical procedures which could have been performed on her, but Baily must have been convincing, and he eagerly performed the surgery. Baby Fae and her tiny body fought the foreign baboon heart for all she was worth for 21 days. The pain this little baby endured is indescribable.

After this spectacular failure, and protests from the public, Bailey gave up on his cross-species transplants and turned to human-to-human heart transplants, performing many of them on children. Because humans are different from other animals physiologically, any assertion that his failed experiments on animals contributed to successful human transplants is nonsense but the medical community insists this is so in order to perpetuate the myth that vivisection benefits humans. Baily died of cancer in 2019 at the age of 76, lauded by the medical community and reviled by people of compassion and common sense.


For decades the NIH has perpetrated experiments on animals with the excuse they are doing it for the sake of human health. As reported by Judicial Watch, some of these experiments that we are funding with our tax dollars are: $478,188 in attempts to turn monkeys transgender, $556,584 for experiments that study animals’ bowel movements, $463,300 to Reed College in Oregon to teach pigeons to gamble on slot machines, and $300,000 to blow lizards off trees with leaf blowers. All this is in the name of advancing human health.

Judicial Watch also reports that starting in 2012 the FDA contracted with Advanced Bioscience Resources to procure human fetal tissue for $60,000 to create “humanized mice.”

The FDA also purchased human fetal livers and thymuses paying a unit price of $685. The fees for body parts varied according to what trimester the fetuses were aborted. The FDA specified that the human tissues be “fresh and packed in ice.”

On September 24, 2018, Trump terminated the FDA contract with Advanced Bioscience Resources and ordered an audit of their acquisitions. But this did not stop Fauci from continuing his experiments on beagles, monkeys, cats, and other animals. The University of Pittsburgh received $235,000 in 2019 to grow human hair on the backs of mice. The immune systems of the mice were destroyed with radiation, full thickness human fetal skin was engrafted where the mouse’s skin had been excised, hair from human fetuses were transplanted onto the backs of the mice and the growth of hair was observed by the vivisectors. Fauci’s agency NIAID claims this was done to study human skin infections.


Attempts to create human-monkey chimeras have been going on for several years, but the announcement in 2019 that vivisectors had created human-monkey embryos in lab cultures was viewed as an important development. Interspecies chimeras are made by mixing cells belonging to one species with those of another. At one point, pig embryos containing human cells were allowed to grow into fetuses. Vivisectors claim they are doing this to attempt to grow human organs in animals for transplant purposes. So far, all the experiments to grow organs have failed, as can be expected. The only purpose these experiments have is to satisfy the grotesque curiosity of vivisectors.

Decades of animal and human vivisection have led us to where we are now, the elites’ funding of transhumanism – “The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.” Jeffery Epstein was especially dedicated to research which would make him immortal. Melanie Walker, former Jeffrey Epstein protégé and now a neurosurgeon who works for the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and has been closely linked to Bill Gates for many years, has stated in interviews that brain-machine interfaces, and injectable/swallowable robotic medicines will be the norm by 2030. Her friend Boris Nikolic, head of Biomatics and former science advisor for Bill Gates, is experimenting on pigs to produce human tissues and organs. Other companies backed by Biomatics are modifying pig organs for use in humans and produces gene-editing “medicines” and are also backed by Gates and Google.

Obviously, animals must pay the price for the desires of rich people who want to live forever and turn the rest of us into robots. Right now, we have no idea of how many animals are being used by the Silicon Valley crowd in their transhumanism and transplantation experiments. We do know that they, Klaus Schwab and others at the World Economic Forum are working with incredible intensity to bring about the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is focused on artificial intelligence, automation, mass electronic surveillance, and transhumanism.

The gross immorality of cross-species experimentation is self evident. But the undisputed scientific fact is that experiments on animals cannot be extrapolated to humans because of differences in physiology, metabolism, genetics, biochemistry, environment, and diet. No matter how long and how desperately the elites try to turn us “useless” people into robots and search for the fountain of eternal youth for themselves, animal experimentation will not result in either. All living creatures are different. And that is a scientific fact.

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