The merciless executives who now rule the drug/vaccine/pesticide empire of Bayer/Monsanto and turn a deaf ear to the massive outcries against their harmful products are merely following in the footsteps of the original Bayer executives. The company began its campaign of death and destruction soon after Bayer was founded in Germany in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer and Johann Friedrich Weskott. One of Bayer’s first products, even before they began marketing acetylsalicylic acid as “aspirin,” was heroin, which they trademarked as a cough medicine suitable for adults and children. Despite knowing the addictive and destructive effects of heroin on the human body, they sold their product worldwide well into the twentieth century, causing untold death and suffering.

In 1925, Bayer joined with other chemical companies to form IG Farben after the executives of these companies had successfully worked together to manufacture chemical weapons, including chlorine gas that caused horrifically painful deaths to countless soldiers during WWI. Unbelievably, the worst was yet to come. After Hitler came to power, IG Farben worked closely with the Nazis and built their own concentration camp known as IG Auschwitz. IG Farben paid the Nazis for a never-ending flow of fresh prisoners to perform grueling work such as moving the bodies of IG Farben’s experimental victims onto trucks to be carted away to death camps. Workers who became ill and unable to perform their tasks were trucked to other Auschwitz extermination camps to be gassed.

The grisly work of human experimentation, much of it consisting of testing Bayer’s pharmaceuticals, was overseen by SS major Dr. Helmuth Vetter, who worked for IG and was one of the few employees of IG to be executed for his crimes. Of course, Vetter was only one of many IG Farben employees who committed atrocities for the company. In a letter to an SS contact at Auschwitz, Wilhelm Mann, head of IG’s pharmaceutical division, wrote, “I have enclosed the first check. Dr. Mengele’s experiments should, as we both agreed, be pursued. Heil Hitler.” The horrific experiments perpetrated by Mengele on thousands of concentration camp prisoners is well known. Bayer was only too happy to spend money ensuring the torture of prisoners by Mengele continued unabated even as they perpetrated their own.

At the same time, an IG Farben subsidiary manufactured and supplied a cyanide-based pesticide, Zyklon B, that was used to murder more than a million people in the Auschwitz extermination camps. The methanol that was used to burn the corpses was also supplied by IG Farben to the SS.


In 1946, Telford Taylor, the chief prosecutor at the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal, stated, regarding IG Farben, “These companies, not the lunatic Nazi fanatics, are the main war criminals. If the guilt of these criminals is not brought to daylight and if they are not punished, they will pose a much greater threat to the future peace of the world than Hitler if he were still alive…” After this terrifying presentiment, Taylor goes on to say, “The indictment accuses these men of major responsibility for visiting upon mankind the most searing and catastrophic war in human history. It accuses them of wholesale enslavement, plunder and murder…We have seen Farben integrating itself with the Nazi tyranny, turning its technical genius to the furnishing of…commodities vital to the reconstruction of the German war machine, and emerging in Herman Goering’s entourage at the highest level of economic planning and mobilization for war. We have seen Farben poised for the kill, and subsequently swollen by economic conquest in the helpless occupied countries. Faced with a shortage of workers, we have seen Farben turn to Goering and Himmler, and persuading these worthies to marshall the legions of concentration camp inmates as tools of the Farben war machine. We have seen these wretched workers dying by the thousands, some on the Farben construction site, many more in the Auschwitz gas chambers after Farben had drained the vitality from their miserable bodies…”

Telford Taylor was truly a harbinger of the crimes against humanity that the drug/vaccine/pesticide industry is continuing to perpetrate.

Twenty-four IG Farben board members were indicted at Nuremburg. Thirteen were convicted and received light prison sentences. By 1952 Bayer was back in business free and unfettered. Fritz ter Meer, member of the Nazi party who was found guilty of “plunder, slavery and mass murder” and had received the longest prison sentence of the IG employees, was already out of prison by 1952. He held the post of chairmen of the supervisory board of Bayer until 1964 and is still much revered in the company. Throughout their partnership with the SS, the executives of Bayer had kept their focus on pharmaceuticals and after the war, their profits grew even more massive than the profits they had achieved as war criminals.

Bayer, staying true to form, went on to commit more crimes after the war. Here are some of them. They manufactured a drug for hemophiliacs called Facto VIII that killed thousands of hemophiliacs and resulted in what was widely considered a drug-related disaster, but Bayer continued to market the drug in other countries until 1984 when another drug that was considered safe came on the market. Bayer manufactured a drug Ciproxin that put the lives of surgery patients at risk without informing doctors of the dangers they had discovered in clinical trials. In 2001 Bayer had to withdraw an anti-cholesterol drug Baycol/Lipobay which they had discovered during trials was deadly but failed to mention that fact to doctors. As a result, over one hundred people died and sixteen hundred were injured.

Leaps, another one of Bayer’s divisions, is involved in research regarding microbe engineering, gene editing, synthetic biology, and cell manufacturing, and is attempting to grow “human” organs in pigs for transplantation uses. Of course, because humans have a different physiology and genetic makeup than any other animal species, these experiments will fail. But torturing animals for money is normal for the psychopaths in the drug/vaccine/pesticide industry.

Bayer executives went into the pesticide business with a vengeance after their successes in supplying pesticides to the SS to kill people in gas chambers. Liberty, Bayer’s glufosinate weedkiller that kills bugs but can’t kill Bayer’s GM crops, was banned by the EU because of its catastrophic impact on humans. In 2018, the EU banned Bayer’s neonicotinoid insecticides, a major contributor to the deaths of bees. Bayer is still trying to overturn the ban. After an explosion at one of Bayer’s pesticide plants in 2008, they were found guilty of running a faulty facility, withholding evidence of the dangers posed by the plant, lying to the public about the disaster, destroying evidence, and more.


When Bayer was criticized for buying Monsanto for $63 billion because of that company’s miserable reputation as a convicted criminal organization, having most recently pleaded guilty in 2021 of committing thirty environmental crimes regarding the illegal use of pesticides in Hawaii and agreeing to pay $13M in fines, little did those critics know of Bayer’s own demonic history. Now, with these two companies having merged in an unholy alliance in their lust for more money and power and confident that their drugs, vaccines, and deadly pesticides would continue to produce many more billions of dollars in profits, reality has bitten. On June 21, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court put a damper on their dreams. In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court declined to hear a bid from Bayer challenging thousands of lawsuits claiming its weedkiller Roundup causes cancer and left intact a $25 million ruling in favor of a California man who claimed that he developed cancer after using Roundup. The Court also ordered the pharmaceutically owned and operated EPA to reassess the safety of glyphosate, the deadly ingredient in Roundup. As the floodgates open to more lawsuits against Bayer/Monsanto their executives are left with nowhere to go. They will lose big. Meanwhile, lawsuits by two hundred and fifty Bayer/Monsanto institutional investors and a large number of private investors will also take their toll on the Bayer/Monsanto coffers.

Yes, seeing Bayer/Monsanto finally get their just deserts is a bright light in the doomscape we have been living in the past two and half years but we still have to ask the same question we have asked many times before while throwing up our hands in frustration and disbelief – why, oh why do so many members of the public choose to not believe in independent nonprofits like KSA, or in independent doctors and scientists, or in the many other informed individuals who speak out against vaccines? Instead, millions of frightened, ignorant people pledge their allegiance to the greed-infested executives running criminal drug/vaccine/pesticide companies like Bayer/Monsanto who kill babies, children, and adults without a shred of remorse. It is especially disheartening when our own friends and families who know we wish them nothing but the best, choose to criticize and shun us and willingly sacrifice themselves and their children on the altar of the almighty vaccine religion.

“Blind loyalty is the truth’s greatest enemy.” — Ertogrul – The Resurrection

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