Four years ago, when the Covid scam was initiated, we, as antivivisectionists, became as involved as any other anti-vaccine and health freedom group in exposing the lie of the non-existent virus, the uselessness of masks and social distancing, and the dangers of all vaccines, including the Covid vaccine. Countless bills were introduced in Sacramento and other state capitals that stripped parents of their rights to oversee the health of their own children and eliminate exemptions for anyone who refused to be vaccinated, and we were in the fight to stop them. We called legislators, wrote emails, and protested in Sacramento along with many other groups. The last four years have been a war on our Constitutional rights and everything this country holds dear – freedom of speech, freedom of movement and travel, freedom to breathe oxygen, freedom to attend our chosen houses of worship, to attend weddings, funerals, and graduations, and the freedom to choose what will and will not enter our bodies. That is where our focus has been for the past four years.

Taking it to the politicians in Sacramento
Taking it to the politicians in Sacramento


But let’s remember what constitutes the cornerstone of the petrochemical/pharmaceutical/medical industry – animal experimentation. The pharmaceutical/medical industry has convinced the public that our health is not in our own hands but in the hands of doctors, and in order to stay healthy we must follow their instructions and take the drugs and vaccines they prescribe for us. Don’t bother with prevention, they imply, prevention is hopeless in the face of dangerous viruses floating around everywhere that will attack and kill us. “Scientists” are busy in their laboratories looking for “cures” for every disease known to man so just give them more of your tax dollars and sooner or later they will come up with the magic pill that will be the answer to your problems. Once you begin to understand the mindset of the medical/pharmaceutical industry it doesn’t take long to conclude that the word “science” has become meaningless and that what they are trying to impress upon us as truth is nothing but pseudo-science.


So how long have these “scientists” been looking for these magic cures? The American Cancer Society has been around since 1913 and is now worth more than $1.3 billion. Over $5 billion has been spent on animal experimentation, but as the richest disease charity in the world, there’s plenty of money left over for six figure salaries and lobbying Congress for more taxpayer funds. Shouldn’t they have found a cure by now?Susan G. Komen was formed in 1982 when Nancy Brinker teamed with pharma to take advantage of her sister’s death from breast cancer. Brinker is now a multi-millionaire and in business with the mammogram industry. Komen has assets of over $203,722,005 with more donations pouring in every day from people who believe that Komen is actually interested in finding a cure to breast cancer. Like the Cancer Society, they are supposedly looking for that cure by perpetrating horrific experiments on animals. 

The Alzheimer’s Association was founded in 1980. They are worth over $500,000 million and their executives receive six figure salaries. A quarter of their research money goes to animal experimentation. Decades of clinical research in the U.S. and in Europe has shown that aluminum is a major factor in the development of Alzheimer’s, but when that information became public in the 1980s, the aluminum industry fought back and now you won’t catch anyone at the Alzheimer’s Association mentioning aluminum and Alzheimer’s in the same breath. Instead, they rely on their hundred-year-old, tried-and-true “research” of looking for a human/mouse model that they can study and find out why people get Alzheimer’s. To this day they have yet to find that foggy brained little mouse. The fact that they still receive our tax dollars for such an obviously unscientific, hopeless, cruel endeavor shows how much control pharma has over the people at the NIH and other government agencies. Periodically Alzheimer’s vivisectors release and make money from drugs that are taken off the market after they prove to be ineffective and harmful.

Because Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s Disease, he formed the Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation in 2012. Their total net assets in 2019 were $193,147,122. They have spent over $149 million on research, much of that being animal experimentation. Marmoset monkeys are the favorite object of torture in their laboratories. Finding the magic cure for Parkinson’s that Michael so desperately wants will never happen from inflicting pain on animals. Meanwhile the barbaric experiments continue unabated as prevention is ignored. 

Cutting up her will not save him.

Danny Thomas founded St. Jude’s Research Hospital in 1962. Their assets are as of 2018, $5.302 billion. Executives receive either seven figure or six figure salaries. St. Jude’s perpetrates experiments on children and on animals. Their experiments on animals are some of the most gruesome in the history of vivisection. They manufacture products that have been the object of lawsuits and recalls and have been involved in illegal kickbacks. Their favorite fundraiser takes place in their home state of Tennessee and consists of having dogs chase and kill racoons after which, participants skin the racoons on stage to the cheers and applause of a delighted audience. 

Despite pleas by the public to end the atrocities, Marlo Thomas remains unmoved. Does anyone with one wit of intelligence believe that St. Jude’s is interested in finding a cure to childhood cancer?


This is just a partial list of the disease organizations that prey on peoples’ fear of death and promise cures that never come and never will. For every one of these diseases there are protocols for natural healing, but they are dismissed as useless and foolish by the medical/pharmaceutical community no matter how many hundreds of thousands of people are cured of disease by detoxing and building up their immune systems. If allopathic doctors chose to be honest they could not deny that drugs can only suppress symptoms and the only thing that can heal disease is our own immune systems.


The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, an organization that promotes vivisection, put out a long list of questions and answers regarding animal experimentation. Of course, they defend their gruesome profession by claiming animal experimentation benefits people and animals. They maintain that because of physical similarities, experiments on animals can be extrapolated to humans. The vivisectors know better than anyone that experiments on one species cannot be extrapolated to another because of differences in physiology, metabolism, genetics, biochemistry, environment, and diet. Extrapolation from one species to another is scientifically impossible. Nevertheless, they lie and declare that every advance in medicine came about because of vivisection. 

When people question them regarding why veterinarians experiment on animals, these heartless monsters claim that they do it for the same reason as any other vivisector does it – for the benefit of humans and animals. They say that veterinarians know how to make animals more comfortable as they are undergoing painful experiments, much like American medical doctors who oversaw the torture of prisoners in Iraq and other warzones. How comforting to know when you are undergoing excruciating pain a doctor is standing by taking notes.

Vivisectors always point to the Animal Welfare Act that they say ensures that animals in vivisection labs are well-treated. As set up by the Act, overseeing the treatment of animals in laboratories are committees mostly made up of vivisectors who decide what is painful and what is not. No amount of torture is ever too painful according to these caring people. Vivisectors tell us that the scientific community advocates for the highest quality of animal treatment. Hundreds of thousands of videos, undercover reports, and photos prove that this is a blatant lie.

As far as safety testing goes, vivisectors assert it’s very important to do this on animals for the sake of public safety and claim that is the moral thing to do. Anyone who has seen the pictures of toxic chemical tests on animals’ eyes and skin would beg to differ. There are now countless non animal tests available that could replace every single animal test in every lab in the country. But vivisectors say that none of these tests, no matter how accurate, can replace animal testing.

Vivisectors defend their choice of profession by saying they “want to find answers to complicated questions.” I wonder what the answer to the “complicated question” is when they throw small animals into a beaker of water and watch them struggle to stay afloat until they are too exhausted to swim any longer and sink to the bottom and drown. This is what vivisectors call “basic science” – doing experiments that have been perpetrated hundreds of thousands of times in labs and universities all over the country just for the sake of doing them. And we pay for these atrocities with our tax dollars.

Let’s face it, anyone who goes to work five days a week to cut, freeze, burn, jab, tear apart, and electrocute animals for a living and listen to their screams is a psychopath. To claim they are humanitarians is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. But as George Bernard Shaw said, “Those who do not hesitate to vivisect will not hesitate to lie about it.” And lie is what they have been doing for hundreds of years.

Vivisection continues not because it benefits humans but because it is a multibillion dollar a year industry. Think about all of the components that go into this grisly business – thousands of breeding farms that raise millions of animals to be tortured in laboratories, countless numbers of stereotaxic devices to hold the animal still while they undergo painful experiments, every kind of cutting tool imaginable to cut and flay open the skin of animals, cages to keep the animals in between experiments, laboratory equipment, food for the animals, treadmills to force paralyzed animals to walk on, huge buildings that hold the vivariums, dumpsters where the dead and barely alive animals are thrown, and so much more. If vivisection were to end, a lot of people would go out of business. We are not only fighting against cruelty and bad science, but we are also fighting a money-making machine.

Drugs, vaccines, and the entire medical paradigm depends on this machine to stay in place. The lies must continue unabated. Iatrogenic disease is the third biggest killer behind heart disease and cancer. And what exactly is iatrogenic disease that ranks third as our biggest killer disease you may ask? It is doctor and hospital caused death. With the advent of Covid those deaths increased exponentially. It is astonishing that millions of people have faith in these charlatans.

Encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle and only go to the doctor if surgery or trauma care are needed is a huge no no to the pharmaceutical/medical industry. The public must continue to believe that animal experimentation will bring us cures to disease while, at the same time we are encouraged to entrust our health to the people who are killing us. According to them, it is imperative that we continue to allow doctors to invade our bodies with their drugs and vaccines. After all, that’s the whole point of all this isn’t it, making money?

A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority.”   — Booker T. Washington

Thank you for everything you do for people, animals, and the environment.

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