A well-known anti-vivisectionist, Javier Burgos, has said many times through the years that animal experimentation leads to human experimentation. And there are countless examples to verify that fact. After World War II ended and the horrific experiments the Nazis had perpetrated on humans in concentration camps became known people were shocked to their very core. 

Seventy nine years later, experiments/surgeries that brutalize humans and are just as horrific as those perpetrated by the Nazis are being accepted by mainstream media and many members of the public. During these strange times when being politically correct is more important than telling the truth, these experiments and surgeries are being glossed over and thousands of animals will suffer in vivisection laboratories because of the inability of humans to accept who and what they are. Because the trans-medical industry is making at the very least $150,000 on each trans-patient, they push transgender drugs and surgeries on confused and vulnerable people. Anyone who is opposed to these practices they label transphobic and anti-LGBT.

Now a vicious cycle has emerged – animal experimentation leads to human experimentation leads to animal experimentation. Around and around the cycle goes with the medical/pharmaceutical industry reaping the financial benefits and leaving thousands of mutilated bodies and dead animals in their wake. Women are encouraged to cut off their breasts and have fake penises attached and men are encouraged to have fake breasts attached and penises removed. Regrets are in vain. Once these surgeries have been performed and complications arise it’s too late. Massive amounts of drugs are added to the equation.


A medical journal, Sexual Medicine, Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2018, describes in graphic detail what is involved in penile reconstruction on dogs, but we will refrain from being graphic. We also will not show you photographs of the reconstructions in humans or dogs as they are too offensive for general viewing. This article represents one example of the kind of transgender experiments being performed on dogs at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing. The authors of the article claim ten dogs were killed at the outset in order to practice transplanting skin and muscles used to create neo phalli on cadavers. After practicing on the bodies of the dead dogs, eleven live female dogs aged 11-13 months old (puppies) became the experimental subjects. Keep in mind that vivisectors in China, the U.S. and every other developed country in the world know the experiments they perpetrate on animals cannot be extrapolated to humans because of differences in physiology, metabolism, genetics, and biochemistry. It is not science and has nothing to do with human beings. These experiments on dogs produce no benefits when it comes to doing the surgeries on humans. However, there is money to be made from perpetrating these experiments. Also, human patients can rest assured that the experimental surgery about to be performed on them is perfectly safe because it has been rehearsed on animals.

In these descriptions of animal experiments in Sexual Medicine, various muscles, skin flaps, and lower abdominal flaps were removed from the live bodies of the female dogs in order to create and attach a fake penile structure. These female dogs were kept alive for seven months while they suffered from extreme emotional stress and physical pain. The vivisectors intermittently electroshocked the dogs to test the neo-phalli at rest and erect. They studied the length and breadth of these attachments to see if they could keep them stiff long enough to do the job. Of course, the vivisectors never mention in their journals the terrible suffering they were inflicting on the animals. As is the case with all vivisectors who write about their experiments in scientific journals, they use pseudo scientific language intended to impress anyone who reads them that this is indeed an important endeavor and they are indeed brilliant scientists dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and improving life for mankind. In reality, of course, they are the exact opposite. The article also mentions that a gadget is being developed that can be attached to the human body and used by the recipient of the neo-phalli to stimulate stiffness. The vivisectors say the development of the gadget is “still in its infancy.” Undoubtedly, more vivisection will have to be done to perfect it. 

In these experiments, the dogs were “generally” anesthetized with ketamine, fentanyl, and haloperidol. Ten of the first eleven dogs died within 24 hours postoperatively of respiratory failure. Three dogs had their wounds burst open, two of the three dogs had flap loss because they bit themselves out of pain, confusion, and desperation but the vivisectors claim all wounds healed after secondary surgeries. Obviously, there were more than eleven dogs involved in this experiment. How many they actually used is not clear.

After enduring experiments for seven months, the dogs were then re-anesthetized, and more experiments were performed after which the dogs were killed by the vivisectors. The excruciating pain these puppies went through during those months is unimaginable. Now that transgender surgery has become popular, we predict the number of animals who will be made to suffer through these experiments in order to “perfect” the procedure on humans will certainly explode. After all, people must have a guarantee that their surgeries will be safe even though the physiology and muscular structure of dogs have nothing in common with that of humans. Animals are being brutalized for the sake of those people who wish to pretend they are a different gender than the one with which they were created. Of course, animals have been scapegoats for human fears of illness and death for centuries. Transgender experiments are a new reason to torture animals. The grants and donations that are sure to be awarded to vivisectors to continue these experiments will enable them to satisfy their psychotic inclinations for years to come.


According to STAT, “the number of gender-affirming surgeries taking place in the U.S. nearly tripled between 2016 and 2019…Over 48,000 people had some type of gender-affirming surgery between 2016-2020…Over 56% of all surgeries in the four-year period were breast and chest procedures.” During that 4-year span, in the 19-30 age group, 3,215 had genital surgery; in the 31-40 age group, 4,918 had genital surgery, 4,423 had breast/chest surgery; in the 41-50 group 2,168 had genital surgery. And 405 genital surgeries were performed on children under the age of 18. The increase in the number of surgeries may be attributed to President Obama lifting a Medicare ban on trans surgeries so they will be paid for, the public normalization of bodily mutilation, and the medical industry’s push to perform the surgeries.

Below are examples of arm and thigh skin and muscle harvesting needed to create neo phalli.,

The STAT site defends trans surgeries and refers to them as “gender affirming.” In our opinion, attempting to artificially change one’s gender is not “affirming” surgery, it is denial surgery. The article goes on to say that few people who have had the surgeries regret it, but the internet is filled with stories of people who are regretful, depressed, and suicidal after going through the surgeries and drug protocols. Children are especially vulnerable to peer, internet, and media pressure. As we said in a recent newsletter, according to an article in the New York Post, “These children find out after it’s too late that puberty blockers can stunt growth and affect bone density and that side effects from testosterone include high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and changes in their bone structure.” The scars left from breast removal and creations of fake vaginas will always be there. And as the transplanted skin of the neo-phalli or faux vaginas die or other inevitable complications arise, making new surgeries imperative, the suffering will never end. 


A heavy promoter of transgenderism is the Pritzker family. Billionaire Governor J. B. Pritzker of Illinois and son/daughter Jennifer (James) Pritzker, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard, and male to female transgender, are partners in a number of medical device companies that manufacture instruments, implants, cutting tools, and injection molded plastic products for use in surgeries. Jennifer Pritzker funds several organizations that push the transgender agenda. Billionaires like the Pritzkers who are involved in the medical/pharmaceutical/vivisection industry use their wealth to play on the insecurities of desperate and unhappy people and push them toward making changes in their bodies that will benefit the billionaires who care nothing for the health and happiness of the people they harm or the animals who are tortured as a result


Nothing can stop adults from having this kind of surgery if that is what they desire. Even if every state in the U.S. banned the surgeries, people would go overseas to have it done. Nevertheless, we can make it known that the medical/pharmaceutical industry is making billions of dollars off the insecurities of these people. And we can make it clear that the push to create more surgical customers for the medical industry is as insidious as their unrelenting campaign to push drugs and vaccines on the public that cause dangerous side effects and death.

According to the New York Times, “Laws banning gender-transition care for minors have been enacted in 20 states…Arizona’s law focuses on surgical procedures, but the rest extend the ban to other treatments, including puberty blockers and hormones.” The Times goes on to say, “Leading medical organizations oppose bans on transition care, citing extensive evidence that such treatment leads to better mental health outcomes, and associating a lack of treatment with higher rates of depression.” Of course, the medical industry supports transgenderism! That is the very industry that is making a fortune from it. Are they going to say it’s harmful, especially to children who are too young to make such permanent drastic decisions about their bodies? No way. Cut off the medical money stream? Not on your life. But condemn people who oppose it? You bet.

Attracting more customers is where it’s at and doing everything possible to create a world where something that would have been considered unspeakably evil in 1945 is now perfectly acceptable. You would think that more anti-vivisection groups would speak out against the surgeries/vivisection. But even PETA is all in with the transgender movement and the resultant implications for animals. Maybe they support it to keep from turning off their Hollywood woke supporters, something we don’t worry about. The high cost of human weakness and stupidity has always been a price animals have been forced to pay. It is a subject we will continue to expose wherever it may be. The animal experimentation to human experimentation to animal experimentation is an endless cycle we would like to end.

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