The Virus Myth

Several historical sources report that on his deathbed Louis Pasteur recanted his “germ theory” and said, “Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.” In other words, he was saying that his friend Claude Bernard (who agreed with the work of Antoine Béchamp) was correct in saying germs come from inside the body (terrain) and not the outside. Did he actually admit to being wrong? We can never know for sure, but because of his “germ theory” millions of people have been made to suffer while the drug/vaccine industry founded by John D. Rockefeller in the early fifties thrives.

In the mid 1800s, French biologist Louis Pasteur claimed that “germs” cause disease and that we “catch” bacteria, colds, viruses that we must be very fearful of and that these “germs” must be treated with drugs and vaccines. Numerous other renowned scientists like Antoine Béchamp disagreed with Pasteur and asserted that living entities called microzymes created bacteria in response to the conditions of the body – people don’t “catch” germs that give them diseases. Instead, disease-causing germs thrive in bodies that are unhealthy and have weaknesses or have internal imbalances. The “germ theory” does not recognize that your diet can prevent and fight diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more.

Unfortunately for all of us, Louis Pasteur was much more effective in promoting his “germ theory” than Béchamp (who preferred burying himself in his research) was in promoting his own microzymian theory. Pasteur knew how to glorify himself and his work to make people believe in him. According to French pharmacist, Dr. Marie Nonclercq, Pasteur had an advantage over Béchamp, “He (Pasteur) was a falsifier of experiments and their results, where he wanted the outcomes to be favorable to his initial ideas…Pasteur willfully ignored the work of Béchamp, one of the greatest 19th Century French scientists whose considerable work in the fields of chemical synthesis, bio-chemistry and infectious pathology is almost totally unrecognized today because it had been systematically falsified and denigrated for the personal profit of an illustrious personage (Pasteur) who had, contrary to Béchamp, a genius for publicity and what today we call ‘public relations’…”

In other words, nothing has changed from then to now. Marketing is everything. Lies become truth and vice versa. Rockefeller made the most of Pasteur’s claims and created a drug/vaccine industry that has made billions of dollars for drug companies and caused hundreds of millions of people to believe that drugs are the answer to their health. Instead of choosing healthy diets and lifestyles, they inundate themselves with drugs and vaccines and, at best, experience negative side effects and, at worst, lose their lives. Today, self-promoters like Anthony Fauci outshout scientists and doctors who warn against the inaccurate PCR tests and toxic Covid vaccines. Pharma TV has brainwashed and programmed millions of people to believe whatever comes over the airwaves.

Below are nine major differences between the “germ theory” of Louis Pasteur and the microzymian theory of Antoine Béchamp.

1)Pasteur – The body is sterile. Béchamp – Microbes exist naturally in the body. 2) Pasteur – Disease arises from micro-organisms outside the body. Béchamp – Disease arises from micro-organisms within the cells of the body. 3)Pasteur – Micro-organisms are generally to be guarded against. Béchamp – Intracellular micro-organisms normally function to build and assist in the metabolic processes of the body. 4) Pasteur – The function of micro-organisms are constant. Béchamp – The function of these organisms changes to assist in the disintegration processes of the host organism when that organism dies or is injured, which may be chemical as well as mechanical. 5)Pasteur – The shapes and colors of micro-organisms are constant. Béchamp – Micro-organisms have many forms and change their shapes and colors to reflect the condition of the host. 6) Pasteur – Every disease is associated with a particular micro-organism. Béchamp – Every disease is associated with a particular condition. 7) Pasteur – Micro-organisms are primary causal agents. Béchamp – Disease results when microbes change form, function, and toxicity according to the terrain of the host. 8) Pasteur – Disease can “strike” anybody. Béchamp – Disease is built by unhealthy conditions. 9) Pasteur – To prevent disease we have to “build defenses.” Béchamp – To prevent disease we have to create health.

Please click on the link below to watch an awesome video that debunks the “germ theory” and how it pertains to Covid and what we are going through now. – Pasteur’s grandiosity and his need for acclaim created a snowball effect that has resulted in a worldwide health disaster.

“Leave your drug in the chemist’s pots if you can cure your patient with food.” — Hippocrates

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” —Thomas Jefferson

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