We at KSA, as antivivisectionists, environmentalists, natural health advocates and vegans make it a practice to repeatedly explain to our animal activist friends why we focus so heavily on vaccines. All vaccines contain decaying animal matter from a variety of animal species and insects. Vaccines are tested on animals. Vaccines cause death or immediate and long term health problems. The same companies that manufacture drugs and vaccines manufacture deadly pesticides. Drug companies not only make hundreds of billions of dollars from their vaccines but they and the entire medical industry profit greatly from the millions of people who will have life long illnesses from being injected with vaccines.

The CDC vaccine reporting site, VAERS, has reported several thousand deaths and injuries from the Covid vaccines but no one can accurately say how many deaths have been caused by the vaccine or exactly how many die immediately after the shot. One reason is that the VAERS site reports less than one percent of vaccine injuries and for decades the CDC has refused to update their system to report vaccine adverse events accurately.

Also, according to L.A. physician Dr. Rachel West, doctors “are punished in hundreds of subtle and direct ways if we acknowledge that a vaccine caused harm.” Medical boards shut down clinics and remove the licenses of doctors who take an interest in studying, reporting and treating vaccine injuries. According to Children’s Health Defense, the California Medical Board has either filed delicensing proceedings or is actively investigating virtually every doctor in California who reports or treats vaccine injuries or who has ever written a vaccine exemption.

Doctors and nurses around the country are reporting to CHD that their hospitals are discouraging them, even disciplining them for reporting vaccine injuries. The persecution by the medical industry of doctors and health professionals who seek to get the truth out to the public regarding vaccines is unprecedented.

Furthermore, most doctors have not been trained to diagnose vaccine injuries. The U.S. Department of Health and human Services tells us doctors miss more than 99 percent of them. Immediate reaction to vaccines include heart attacks, strokes, seizures, anaphylaxis, sudden death, blood clots, brain swelling, allergies and more. Even autopsies cannot say with certainty what caused the death. But when thousands of people suffer fatal reactions and serious injury seconds, minutes, days or weeks after an injection common sense tells us the connection is there. And that connection has been proven many times over in the Vaccine Court which has paid out $4.5 billion to vaccine injured people.

Of course, drug companies are above the law when it comes to killing and injuring people with their vaccines. They cannot be sued so why not make as much money as possible injecting as many people with their vaccines as they can get their hands on?

The medical industry uses the many fatal reactions to vaccines to hide behind. Even if a patient dies within seconds of being injected the reason for death will be labeled anything other than the Covid vaccine. Usually, medical professionals prefer to claim that the patient died of Covid even though the patient was perfectly healthy before being injected. This drives up the number of Covid deaths and allows pharma to fear monger rising statistics and con more people into getting vaccinated.

This is a vicious circle that will only end if people make an effort to regain their common sense and recognize the pharmaceutical industry for the lying, greedy con men that they are and always have been. To them human life is a commodity to be used to increase profits. Even millions of dead and dying people can be used to their advantage. Thanks to Covid, Bill Gates is on track to become a trillionaire with a net worth of over $0.14 trillion. While millions of people have lost their jobs and gone bankrupt in the past year, for Gates and his pharma friends, being a billionaire is not nearly good enough.

Curiosity is a blessing. Knowledge is power. When we have the facts we will remain untouchable against pharma propaganda and fearmongering.

“The human willingness to surrender critical thought is staggering.”
— Gregg Hurwitz – The Program

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