Three years ago, when the Covid debacle was foisted on the world, we made clear, along with incredible truth tellers like Jon Rappoport, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and many others, that the “pandemic” was a fraud invented to sell vaccines and designed to control our bodies and our lives. We said there was no virus. People were dying as they always had of a variety of diseases except that now every disease known to man was being called Covid, and Covid vaccines and deadly hospital therapies were harming and killing people as well. We said the tests were bogus and proved nothing, but most people insisted on believing in pharmaceutical industry lies, wore their suffocation devices, and clamored for the toxic jabs. Family and friends were fond of saying to us, “What about the Spanish Flu that killed millions of people all over the world? That was a real pandemic, caused by a real virus. What do you say to that?” We say facts prove otherwise. Below is an article describing what really happened back in the early 1900s written by vaccine researcher and writer Sue Marston. WHAT EXACTLY WAS THE SPANISH FLU?At the present time, people around the world are becoming aware of the COVID agenda, and the terrible effects of mRNA vaccines. As a result of this awakening, more curious and dedicated fact-finding investigators have gotten busy, unearthing suppressed books and papers that have been written about previous “epidemics,” and the vaccination campaigns associated with them. Vaccines have always been made of known poisons, from Edward Jenner’s injections of cow pus and horse “grease” to Salk’s mashed up monkey kidneys, with some feces and dead flies thrown in for good measureand we mustn’t forget the toxic chemicals and heavy metals!  There has never been anything in a vaccine which produces health. Just the opposite. However, for some people, the idea that they’ve been injected and then did not subsequently come down with the symptoms of that specific disease is all the “proof” they need. For them, no further inquiry is required, and any other ailments they may contract sooner or later are “not connected.”The deadliest short term “pandemic” in recent recorded history was the 1918 “Spanish Flu.” As with all the other media-hyped epidemics, a lot of very important connect the dots information was deliberately omitted and replaced with propaganda supplied by profiting companies. How many people are aware that the “Spanish Flu” was not flu?   In his book The Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated (1920), Charles Higgins described the mass of infections in WW1 as “septicemia,” which has since been identified more specifically (based on autopsies) as “bacterial pneumonia.”  Where did all this bacterial pneumonia come from? Well, coincidentally, it all started after a Rockefeller Institute bacterial meningitis vaccine (made from bacteria cultured in horses) was administered to soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas from January through June, 1918.  So, the “pandemic” described in the media for over a century as “Spanish Flu” neither originated in Spain, nor was it flu. And, of course, it was also not, as reported, a “natural phenomenon.”

By the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, a new massive infusion of power into the petrochemical-pharmaceutical commercial enterprise came with the emergence of the Rockefeller monopoly. John D. Rockefeller Sr. was literally a traveling medicine show snake oil salesman. Working under the false name of William Livingston, he sold the useless oil as a cure for everything. In the latter 1800s, John D. Jr., with a loan from his father, entered into several mergers and nefarious secret deals involving the oil industry. After cornering that market, he branched into parlaying petrochemical byproducts into pharmaceuticals, and in 1901, The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research came to fruition. By 1904 The Rockefeller Foundation was in place, and shortly thereafter an all-out assault was launched on the natural healing community, consummating that crusade with release of The Flexner Report in 1910.  This paved the way for chemical-based drugs to dominate the market, and soon it became evident that they were causing cancer. So, in 1913, Rockefeller founded The American Cancer Society, the purpose of which was not to cure cancer, but to serve as a business model and money laundering center disguised as a philanthropic enterprise. In 1915, the Supreme Court tried to stop this illegal racketeering, but just like Pfizer today, Rockefeller had already become “too big to nail.”  Unfortunately, there are numerous other medical “charities” which have since modeled themselves on this precedent. John D. Jr. made generous donations to medical schools and colleges, with strings attached. The catch was that, in tandem with the Flexner Report, they could teach only what would profit his companies. At the same time, he became very involved with eugenics and the depopulation movement, and by 1915 had produced a play (The Unborn) about the virtues of preventing the birth of children into poverty or “inferior” bloodlines. The strategy advanced from gifts with strings to placing paid representatives of The Rockefeller Institute on the boards of educational institutions.It was just after the start of U.S. involvement in WW1 when more than 6 million military personnel became the initial victims of The Rockefeller Institute’s bacterial vaccine experiment that morphed into what was falsely labeled and is still known as “The Spanish Flu.” Traveling and living in harsh and unsanitary conditions, soldiers were spreading bacteria wherever they went. In addition,The Rockefeller Institute sent the vaccine to several European countries, helping to spread the epidemic worldwide. Soldiers who refused to take the vaccine were punished, even court martialed and sentenced to prison. 

THE CATASTROPHIC RESULTS OF BELIEVING IN THE ROCKFELLER PHARMA REGIMEAfter the first line of assault on military troops, the vaccines were then heavily promoted to the general public as protection against “diseases brought back from foreign countries” by the soldiers, and so, many civilians lined up for their shots, too. As more of the population became grievously ill, many doctors were treating them with a relatively new synthesized chemical compound called aspirin. Prior to the 1918 death spike, aspirin, which came with no labels or instructions, was being recommended in doses now known to be toxic and to cause pulmonary edema. In addition, masks were made mandatory, and there are photographs of rows of deathly ill people in hospital wards wearing masks, which restrict life-giving oxygen, increase CO2 levels, and promote the growth of harmful bacteria. Could it get any worse?  

Eleanor McBean, PhD, ND (author of The Poisoned Needle and Vaccination Condemned) who was present during the scourge, wrote, “The pandemic dragged on for two years, kept alive with the addition of more poison drugs administered by the doctors who tried to suppress the symptoms.” Ultimately, approximately 50 to 100 million deaths worldwide resulted from this mass poisoning.

Meanwhile, although the public’s awareness had been largely turned away from natural healing by Rockefeller’s denigration campaign, there were some who still sought naturopathic practitioners, and they fared better, over-all, with a very much higher survival rate. What we are witnessing today is not anything new, but simply a repeat of the script (which has been replicated many times over) with more technologically advanced poisons, and a more ambitious agenda. But at the same time, we are now able, with technological advances in communication, to speed up our own awareness and see through the façade.—– Sue Marston – Writer and Vaccine Researcher
Information regarding the true origins of the “Spanish Flu” have been mostly scrubbed from internet search engines except to ridicule the idea that “Spanish Flu” was anything but a “pandemic” caused by a deadly virus. The pharmaceutical industry has heavily influenced Google, Bing, Wikipedia, and others to offer nothing but pharma/vaccine propaganda. In this day and age of acute and sustained censorship and attempts to control everything the public sees and hears even on the internet, we have to dig deep to find the truth. The links listed below will be invaluable in helping you do that. Only by understanding that pandemic/virus fraud is nothing new and that lies, deception, and fearmongering have been used in the past to decimate and control us can we even hope to prevent the billionaires who are heavily invested in dominating the populace from destroying our freedoms and right to bodily autonomy.Bibliography (articles and books)The Truth Revealed About the Deadly 1918 Spanish Flu.. Influenza Story Spanish Flu of 1918 Was Really a Bioterror Attack on Humanity consequences of mass vaccination – Spanish Flu 1918 Funded Eugenics Initiative to Sterilize 15 Million Americans of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated the Flexner Report Hijacked Natural Medicine ‘Spanish Flu – The Truth Deadly Deception of Masks in the 1918 Spanish Flu D Rockefeller’s American Cancer Society Never Meant to ‘Cure’ Cancer Rockefeller Used the AMA to Take Over Western Medicine are two links to photographs that clearly show (to paraphrase a Peter Allen song) that everything old becomes new again – unless we learn from the past and stand our ground and fight back.

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  1. The soldiers called it the “Purple Death” which some say is in fact aspirin poisoning!?
    The rockefeller foundation must be dismantled in order for us to survive intact!


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